Yoga Poses For Two People

What Are The Best Yoga Poses For Two People?

Yoga is ranked as one of the best forms of exercise. Yoga does not only help lengthen and stretch your muscles, but also it helps you de-stress and relax, hence find your inner calm. Most people do solo yoga sessions, but do you want to spice up your yoga sessions?

Grab your partner or friend and try out these poses for two persons. The partner maybe your friend, spouse or even a stranger. The article will cover different yoga poses all way from the beginners to the experienced. Therefore if you are already a pro or just beginning, there is something for you.

Also, try out yoga poses that make you and your partner feel comfortable. But if you feel severe pain when posing, consult your trainer for advice. With all that said and done, grab your water bottle, a mat, and a partner, and let’s do this!

What to do first before beginning your yoga poses?

Just like other types of exercises, warm up your muscles first before doing your yoga poses. Never stretch up cold muscles because you may cause an injury. Moreover, warm muscles are in a position to stretch further.

When warming up, you do not need to do complicated exercises or something fancy or intense. Instead, you can do a 10 minutes exercise such as rope skipping, heel kicks, star jumps, or jogging to get your blood flow well in your body.

How to do to yoga poses for two people for beginners

Here are several yoga poses for two people who are perfect for beginners;

  • Seated cat-cow

Seated cat-cow pose is beneficial because it stretches the core, back, and hips. Again, it helps open up one’s chest. How it is done: Sit across your partner cross-legged and hold tightly onto each other’s forearms. The next thing is, discover equal resistance amid the two of you and draw your shoulders back and down both of you. Inhale as you slowly lift your heads and push out your chests concurrently.

This pose is known as cow pose, but it is done when seated. Hold onto that position for a few minutes, then exhale when exhaling tuck your chins onto your chests, and round out your upper back. Focus your eyes on your belly button to keep your back still rounded and make sure you feel a stretch on your shoulders as well.

Now, that is a cat pose but done when seated. Maintain on that position for a few minutes then be alternating the cow and cat position after a few minutes. Note, this pose requires you keep on communicating with your partner to ensure you are in sync.

  • Partner forward fold

The pose is known for stretching the hamstrings, and this is how it is done. Sit directly opposite to your partner with your legs straightened out and wide apart in front of you. Ensure the sole of your feet touch each other and hold each other arms.

Now, you alternate by slowly hinging forwards from the hips, as you move, your partner to gently pull you towards their side. Continue moving until you feel your hamstrings stretch deeply then pose there for a few breathes.

Slowly come back up and do the same to your partner and let them feel their hamstrings stretching too.

  • Twin trees

The main aim of doing this pose is to improve posture and balance as well as opening up the hips. When doing this pose, stand next to your partner, shoulder to shoulder, place your feet around the hips, but width apart. Place your inside legs on the floor and ensure your toes are spread to hold your weight through the whole foot.

Slowly lift your other leg, bend it at the knee and place the sole against either side of your lower leg. But, if you can balance well, you can place in on your thigh. Also, do not place your foot on the thigh because that puts unnecessary pressure on the joint. Together, you can raise your arms above your head if you want to stretch more.

  • Temple

It is an excellent pose for people because it opens up the chest and shoulders. Start this pose by first standing facing each other, and your feet hip-width apart. Next, inhale and extend both of your hands overhead. Gently pivot forward from your hips till you meet your partners’ hands.

Once your hands touch, fold forward to ensure your elbows, hands, and forearms rest against each other. You should lean equal weight towards each other as well. Hold onto that position for a few breathes, and then start walking towards each other to stand upright and finally release your arms down.

  • Chair pose

Generally, this pose improves posture and strengthens the quads. You achieve this by standing with your backs facing each other, ensure your feet hip is width apart.

Slowly, walk your feet out a little bit then, support yourself with your partners back. If you are not comfortable, you can interlace your hands for stability. Ensure you are communicating so that you all move simultaneously. Gently and slowly, squat down to do a chair pose. For a better posture, you will need to move your feet forward.

For stability also, push against each other’s back. Maintain onto this pose for a few minutes and breathes, then come back up slowly and then walk your feet in; you can as well repeat the pose several times for better results.

  • Double downward dog

A double downward dog is also known as a restorative pose that lengthens the spine and enables you to gain focus.

How it is done; either of you, one to begin with the downward dog pose. Then your partner to stand facing the same direction and place their hands in front of you. Partner 2 to slowly put their legs against partner 1 (you that is) back.

There are several ways through which you can enter this position; one, you can make this pose by stepping your partners back from the side. Or second, step your feet on your partners back then move your hands while stretching your legs to get that dog shape.

What are the intermediate Yoga poses for two people?

If you and your partner tried the yoga poses for beginners, and it worked perfectly well, and you two feel like you need another challenge, then give this yoga poses ago!

Here are yoga poses for two people who are a bit used to doing yoga poses.

  • Double plank

It a pose that, by looking it looks easy, but it is not. The posture improves one’s overall strength, with the primary focus being the core.

How it is done. Partner 1 to start in a regular plank position. Partner 2 to place and hold their partners’ ankles and move their feel and place them on the shoulders of partner 1.

  • Buddy boat

Buddy boat is said to be beneficial because it stretches the lower, the lower back and the hamstrings, and at the same time, it works the core muscles out.

How it is done: sit down facing each other with a distance of about half legs. From the outside, if the legs hold your hands. Together, bend your knees and make sure your soles touch. Ensure you are balancing yourself with your sit bones.

Tilt your pelvis to a neutral position and sit up straight. Both of you, start stretching your legs going up to create that boat pose. Next, look up, move your lower back in and engage to be in a correct posture.

  • Chair and shoulder stand

The chair and shoulder stand pose for two helps open up hips, improve balance, and stretching the shoulders.

Partner 1 starts on a chair pose; here, you may need to support your back with the wall to gain stability. Then partner 2 to place their feet on partner one thighs and push to a shoulder stand. Hold on to that pose for a few breathes ad then release.

  • Square pose

The square pose opens up the shoulders and at the same time, stretches the lower back and the hamstrings.

When doing this position, a start-up with a double plank, as explained in the double plank pose. The partner who is sitting down will raise their arms above their head. The top partner will bend at the hips so to create the square position.

While in this position, try doing sit-ups and see how many you can manage, it is a challenge, and it can help you get that core strength.

How to do hard yoga poses for two people

The poses in this section are extensive, and for a beginner, they should be guided by a trained professional to prevent injuries. They include;

  • Flying superman

This pose strengthens and stretches chest muscles, arms, and shoulders. Also, they pull the legs, lower back, and abs.

It starts by partner 1 lying on their back and then their soles on partner 2 abdomen. While pushing up, you may hold with your hands for stability. You can either support yourselves with hands or not.

  • Wheel

The wheel pose assists with the flexibility of the shoulders and hips, as well as providing a deep backbend. For this pose, little gymnastics is required.

One of you will start by lying in a cobra position. The other partner can lay on their back, and the base partner reaches one step at a time and hold up the ankles. The partner on top will then bend their hands and hold the ankles of their partner band then push up through their hands.

What makes yoga for two people better?

There is something about doing yoga with a friend or a partner; they will always make little parts of you tweak.

Here are some reasons why doing yoga poses with a partner is better.

  • Create experience together

Doing yoga with a friend or a partner is something that you will always remember. While doing it, you will still have fun and be playful as well. Therefore it is not a must you go for an adventure to have fun. Though at first, it might be scary, with the time you will get used and enjoy the whole process. Yoga is something that can help build a strong relationship or friendship, so try it out and see how it goes.

  • Be in the now

Partner yoga gives pulls to the present moments. You will not worry about the future or the past.

In yoga also, there is no giver or receiver; both of you are engaged in their workout. Here you are responsible for your partner, meaning support is mutual. Hence creating a sense of balance to your present life.

  • Learn to let go

Yoga will help you learn the art of letting go, and also learn how not to take your partner serious all the time. Moreover, it gives you the sense of viewing life from a different angle. Through yoga, you will discover your sense of fun and experiences.

  • Learn to trust

Before you trust anyone else, you have to trust yourself first. In couple yoga, you will experience lots of interdependencies, like, would you take the risk of the other person watching you not to fall? Would you trust your partner to see your imperfection? Or in a vulnerable state? When you realize you can trust your friend and yourself, that means you can put more effort together.

  • A different body experience

Doing partner yoga brings a different way of knowing your own body. The moment you are trying to find balance with someone else, the sensational feelings of your body changes as well.

  • The power of touch

In a romantic relationship, touch is essential. When doing yoga, you have to touch one another, it might be intimidating at first, but with the time you get to enjoy. Through contacting when supporting one another, you will realize you become more aware of one another.

  • Playground for intimacy

Practicing partner yoga with your lover can help bring the two of you closer. Because it may make the two of you not take the issues you are going through together seriously.


Overall, yoga for two or partner yoga can be a transformative experience. Again, it is not a must the person you are doing partner yoga with to be known to you; it can ass well be a stranger. I trust this information will help you try partner very soon. To give your body a good stretch and have fun.