Yellow Dragon Fruit

What Does Yellow Dragon Fruit Taste Like

Yellow dragon fruit is the new super fruit that no one wants to miss. Its health benefits include high vitamin concentration, antioxidants, and minerals. Although it is primarily seen as a new fruit in many places around the world, it has been a typical delicacy in South America countries for decades. So, you cannot be left behind as others enjoy the benefits of the fantastic yellow dragon fruit. Here is everything that you need to know.

When is a Yellow Dragon Fruit Ripe

Whether you have farmed dragon fruits or you are buying from the market, you should only consume the ripe one. A ripe dragon fruit appears bright with a deep yellow color. Check again, and you will also note some blotches on the skin.

How to Tell If a Yellow Dragon Fruit is Ripe

There are several ways you can use to tell if the yellow dragon fruit is ripe.  Here are the common three options:

  • Look at the dragon fruit that had developed a deep yellow outlook

When the dragon fruit is unripe, it has a characteristic green color. As it matures and ripens, the color turns from green to yellow. It should also have a few spots, dark blotches on the skin.

  • Check for withered wings

If you check a dragon fruit closely, it has some leafy wings that extend off the fruit. You can tell when the fruit is ripe by looking at these wings. When it is ripe, the wings start to wither and turn brown. Besides, you will realize that the fruit becomes loosely connected to the plant and comes off easily.

  • Press the yellow dragon fruit gently

Like other fruits such as mangoes, the dragon fruit becomes soft and mushy when ripe. Therefore, hold it and press lightly to feel how soft it is. If it is still hard, it might require a few more days to ripen.

How to Eat a Yellow Dragon Fruit

Eat Yellow Dragon Fruit

In most cases, the dragon fruit is eaten raw. You can opt to cut it up, blend, or freeze it. Besides, you can also grill it. Grill it? That is right. You can grill the yellow dragon fruit on a skewer together with other fruits like the pineapple.

Note that even though the outer shell appears tough and intimidating, it is relatively easy to cut. Simply place the fruit on a chopping board and cut through with a sharp knife. Then, remove the juicy flesh just like you do with an avocado. Then use the mound on salad or top with yogurt.

The good thing about the yellow dragon fruit is that you can use it in most recipes. What do you think of preparing special yellow dragon fruit juice with nuts, and serve with popcorns when watching an evening movie? Well, it is time to get creative with this amazing fruit!

NOTE: The skin of yellow dragon fruit is not edible!

How to Grow Yellow Dragon Fruit

Although the yellow dragon fruit is native to South American countries such as Nicaragua and Costa Rica, it is also farmed in many places across the globe. For example, it is grown in South East Asia, California, Nevada, Virginia and most tropical countries. Therefore, you can also grow it either for commercial purpose or home consumption on the kitchen garden. So how do you go about it? Here are four simple steps to growing the yellow dragon fruit:

  • Buy the yellow dragon fruit plants from sellers

The simplest method of growing the yellow dragon fruit is buying the potted plant and taking it to your garden. All you need to do is watering and it will continue growing to maturity. But if you are more exploratory, you could also propagate the plant from seeds.

To grow it from seeds, you need to get the seeds from the fruit and cover them with a light layer of damp soil. In a few weeks, the seeds will germinate into yellow dragon fruit plants.

  • Plant the dragon fruit plants on well-draining soils

For your dragon fruit plants to do well, it is crucial to plant them properly draining soils. Because the dragon fruit plant is a dry land type of plant, it means that you do need a lot of watering. Consider using a large pot with an open bottom and fill it with well-drained soil. Then, place it on your kitchen garden and plant the yellow dragon fruit plant.

  • Providing nutrients for your plant

The best option to provide the nutrients that your plant needs is adding animal manure. You should also mulch it with dry leaves. To boost nutrients availability, you could also provide nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus fertilizers to the plant. Consider using commercial fertilizer about three times every year.

  • Plant support

In many cases, the yellow dragon fruit plant will grow tall and start bending because of its weight. Therefore, you should consider providing support to the plant so that the fruits develop above the ground to keep them clean and away from predators.

  • Flowering and pollination

The good thing about the yellow dragon fruit is that you do not have to worry about pollination. When it starts flowering, insects that are attracted to the flowers will help with pollination.

  • Harvesting

Note that most dragon fruits rarely ripen off the plant. Therefore, it is advisable only to harvest ripe fruits. Simply check that the color of the fruit has changed from green to yellow. You should also apply some little pressure on the fruit to check if it is soft.

Before picking the yellow dragon fruit, make sure to remove the thorns using a sharp object such as pliers. When the fruit is ripe, the thorns should be easy to remove. However, be careful to avoid getting pricked.

Where to Buy Yellow Dragon Fruit

When many people hear of the health benefits associated with the yellow dragon fruit, the first question that runs through the mind is; “Where can I buy this ‘magical’ fruit?” Well, there are several options that you can use to get it.

  • Place your order through Amazon. Amazon, the giant e-commerce is a great option to get high-quality yellow dragon fruits. The store works with suppliers from central and South America and will ship the fruits promptly to your door.
  • Buy from stores that stock the fruit. As the yellow dragon fruit becomes more common, more dealers are starting to stock it. For example, you can purchase the fruit directly from stores such as Wal-Mart.
  • Buy the fruit from open groceries. In most cities, you will get fruit markets that stock an assortment of fruits, including the yellow dragon fruit. For example, people living in Miami and areas around the city can get the yellow dragon fruit in the Southwest Community Farmers’ Market.

The Final Take

The benefits of the yellow dragon fruit have made it a new sensation in the globe. This post has demonstrated what you should look for to know when the fruit is ripe, how to grow it, and where to buy. It is time to start eating the yellow dragon fruit.