Why You Should Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

If you are a smoker and you just realized that you are pregnant or want to get pregnant, you should quit smoking. There are very many reasons why you should quit smoking during pregnancy. One of the main reasons why you should quit smoking is because it is not healthy. Smoking has a lot of bad effects on healthy and when you get pregnant; your baby will also be affected. Smoking has been known to cause infertility in women. Statistics show that women who smoke have a very hard time getting pregnant. Most of the problems associated with pregnancy are usually brought about by things that mothers do while they are pregnant and smoking is one of them.

Most women who smoke while they are pregnant usually end up having miscarriages. Smoking is the number one cause of problems with the placenta while women are pregnant. When a woman smokes, the smoke that she inhales goes straight to the placenta because this is the source of the baby’s food. Smoking can cause the placenta to detach it self from the womb. This can be very fatal for both the mother and the baby because it will lead to bleeding which might lead to death of both the mother and the baby.

Premature birth is also brought about by smoking during pregnancy. When a woman smokes during pregnancy, she will have very high chances of delivering her baby before time. This is because of the effects that the smoke and the nicotine will have on the pregnancy. When a mother smokes during pregnancy, there are high chances that the baby will be born with low birth weight. This will need for both the mother and the baby to stay at the hospital a while longer which will lead to more expenses. There are also chances that there will be a still birth. The baby might also die immediately after delivery.

There are a lot of birth defects that are associated with babies who are born to mothers who used to smoke when they were pregnant. Most of these defects are quite serious and can lead to the babies being deformed for life. With all the risks that are associated with smoking during pregnancy, it is very important for women to stop smoking when they realize that they are pregnant. Women should also quit smoking when they feel that they are ready to get pregnant.