Why Would A Woman’s Breast Leak When She Is Not Pregnant?

There are times when women might experience some pregnancy symptoms when they are actually not pregnant. Leaking of breasts is something that women are supposed to experience during pregnancy as their breasts will be preparing for feeding the baby once he is born. There are however times when the breasts of a woman might start to leak even when she is not pregnant. Women who experience this usually take a pregnancy test so that they can be sure. If the pregnancy test comes out negative, these women are usually left to wonder as to what would be causing their breasts to leak when they are not pregnant.

Women who are going through menopause and teenagers who are going through puberty have higher chances of experiencing breast leakage when they are not pregnant. It is not necessarily milk that will leak from the breasts especially when a woman is not pregnant. There are times when a liquid that is almost milk-like will come out of the nipples. There are also times when the liquid coming out of the nipples will resemble water. The hormone prolactin is the one that has been said to be responsible for breast leakage when one is not pregnant. When this hormone is produced in large amounts, a woman will experience breast leakage when she is not pregnant.

Prolactin production is usually supposed to start in the late stages of pregnancy when a woman is almost giving birth so that her breasts can prepare for feeding the baby. An imbalance in the hormones and some medications can cause this hormone to be produced when a woman is not pregnant and cause her breasts to leak. Thyroid disease and kidney failure can also cause the hormone to be produced in large amounts when one is not pregnant and cause breasts leakage. Sexual stimulation of breasts is another factor that would lead to leakage of the breasts when one is not pregnant.

There are some clothes that when worn irritate the skin of the women. Women should try to avoid these clothes as the irritation might lead to their breasts starting to leak when they are not pregnant. When the pituitary glands become larger than they should be, they will cause a stimulation of the hormones that lead to milk production even when a woman is not pregnant and they might lead to the breasts leaking. Women should visit a doctor when they notice that their breasts are leaking and they are not pregnant so that they can find out what is causing the leakage.