Why Women Have Restless Legs In Pregnancy

A lot of changes take place in the body of a woman when she gets pregnant. This is usually because of all the reactions taking place and hormones being produced inside the body. Having restless legs is one of the changes that take place when one gets pregnant. Though not many women get affected by this condition, it is not rare and should not alarm any woman who is pregnant. The condition where a woman feels like she needs to be moving her legs all the time is known as the restless legs syndrome. A lot of women usually wonder what is happening to their legs but this is usually quite normal.

The reason why women have restless legs in pregnancy is not very clear and experts are still researching on the possible causes. Women feel the need to move their legs all the time because there are sensations that their legs feel when they are pregnant. Women usually feel creeping sensations in their legs. They usually feel as if something is crawling up their legs and thus they feel that they need to move their legs all the time. These sensations usually occur on the upper leg, the calf or at the foot.

The restless legs syndrome is a condition. Doctors say that in most cases, it runs in the family and pregnant women inherit it from their family lines. This syndrome is also said to be brought about by anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that affects a lot of pregnant women and it is said to bring about the restless legs syndrome for pregnant women. The syndrome usually comes in the third trimester in pregnancy. It usually stays until one gives birth and goes away about 5 weeks after a woman has given birth.

Women who have little exercise or no exercise at all have high chances of being affected by the restless legs syndrome. This is because they barely move their legs. Those who take too much caffeine during pregnancy also have high chances of feeling the need to move their legs all the time during pregnancy. Sleep is can do a lot to help with the syndrome. Women who get less sleep when they are pregnant have very few chances of being affected by the restless legs syndrome. Women are therefore advised to get enough sleep, cut down on caffeine and exercise regularly so that they can reduce their chances of getting the restless legs syndrome.