Why Women Are Sensitive With Smell During Pregancy

Do mothers smelling senses become more sensitive when they are pregnant? Yes! According to research, many pregnant women have admitted finding the smell of the things they used to adore such as coffee and perfume more disgusting. The main reason as to why sensitive smell during pregnancy has not been appropriately established. However, medical experts have maintained that the smell sensitivity is meant to protect the pregnant mother and the unborn child from poisonous foods and odors. Some experts claim to have established that sensitivity to smell and some foods plays a fundamental role in morning sickness. They argue that morning sickness is significant during pregnancy. They say morning sickness prevents the mother from consuming harmful materials containing toxins and chemicals that can be hazardous to the unborn baby.

On the other side, a section of experts has vehemently opposed the notion that the smell sensitivity triggers morning sickness. Their argument is based on the ground that, morning sickness comes in when the product is tasted and not smelled. However they have agreed that sensitivity to some foods such as coffee helps to protect the fetus from toxins hence, answering the question, why sensitive smell during pregnancy? They observed that increased consumption of salt helps to increase the amount of water intake by the mother to transport essential nutrients to support the baby. Therefore, morning sickness such as nausea and vomiting is aggravated by the actual food tasting and not smelling.

And what exactly is the cause of heightened smell sensitivity? Well, medical doctors have explained that it is the work of a pregnancy hormone known as estrogen that runs through the body. Although progesterone hormone is also thought to contribute in smell sensitivity, it has not been fully approved. Estrogen is therefore, the pregnancy hormone responsible for heightening of smell sensitivity in pregnant mothers.

During the time a pregnant woman is going through heightened smell sensitivity, there are some important measures and precautions to consider. This is necessary because we have seen that certain smells triggers or intensifies morning sickness. Cook only foods that dont affect the pregnant mother. Bitter foods like coffee should be avoided. Always wear clean clothes since dirty clothes can produce odor that can be unpleasant to you. Always areas like restaurants and market places where food is sold should be avoided. Finally a pregnant woman must be ensured of 24/7 fresh air supply. It is important to surround the pregnant mother with the things she enjoys.