Why Test Urine in Pregnancy?

If you are planning to start with your prenatal visits, then you should expect to have urine tests done every time that you show up for the visits. The tests are very important since they help in having a quick check on important aspects of the pregnancy and there is therefore a reason why they have to be done during and probably throughout the pregnancy. If you have been wondering why test urine in pregnancy, then here is a breakdown of what the tests achieve.

Checks sugar levels; during pregnancy, it is normal to have a certain sugar amount in the urine and the level has to be monitored since an increase can be risky. An increased sugar amount in the urine consecutively in like three visits could be an indication that you are suffering from gestational diabetes. The urine test is therefore important since you will have the necessary help on time.

Checks protein levels; the urine test that is done in pregnancy also helps in checking on the levels of protein. A test that show an excess in the normal protein level during this period could indicate a urinary tract infection or even a kidney damage among other potential disorders during pregnancy. This can also indicate preeclampsia later into the pregnancy. It means therefore that you will also receive the necessary help before the issues become risky.

Checks ketones; ketones are normally produced by your body when there is a breaking down of the stores fats as a way of energizing. This kind of breakdown occurs when you have a lack of enough carbohydrates that your body needs to look for ways of getting the energy that it requires to support and nurture the pregnancy. It could be as a result of the nausea and vomiting experienced during pregnancy and hence you will be advised on ways of ensuring that you have enough of the carbohydrates your body needs by reducing the morning sickness.

Checks bacteria and blood cells; as soon as your urine shows that you could be suffering from an UTI, it is then screened for an enzyme that is usually produced by your white blood cells. It can also screen for nitrites which result from the presence of a bacteria. If they are present in the urine, then you are positive for the UTI and lab work is needed to show the best treatment for the pregnancy stage that you are in. The bacteria check will actually be done on the very first prenatal visit that you attend whether you are showing symptoms or not since the infections can be nasty during pregnancy and need to be taken care of before they become trouble.

So, if you have been wondering why the urine tests in pregnancy are done maybe because you find them ridiculous, now you know just how important they are to you and the pregnancy. They help in identifying underlying issues before you even start showing symptoms for them hence they are treated faster and easily.