Why Take Rubella Vaccine Before Pregnancy?

When it comes to expectancy, the expectant woman is advised to always take all safety measures to ensure that both their health and that of their unborn baby will be well looked after. This is the reason there are various vaccines which the pregnant woman would be able to take their pregnancy and others which they would be advised against. This is because such vaccines would have a negative impact on the unborn baby therefore making them unsafe for the pregnant mother to take.

When it comes to the rubella vaccine, it has been recommended that the pregnant woman will take it before the pregnancy. This has led to the questions posed by various women which is why rubella vaccine before pregnancy. Rubella vaccine is always recommended that it be done on the woman before she gets pregnant. This is because it has a variety of health benefits on the baby alongside helping to deal with a variety of health risk which would have a negative impact on the growth and development of the baby.

The rubella vaccine is given to the woman in order to ensure that when they get pregnant, the baby will be well protected from conditions such as deafness, mental retardation, a variety of congenital deformities and blindness. Since it is recommended as a pre-pregnancy vaccine, it would have adverse effects on the baby if it were to be given to the mother during the pregnancy. This is a good way of answering the question why rubella vaccine before pregnancy. As a result of the adverse effects of the rubella vaccine after pregnancy or if the woman had been infected with rubella, she would have to undergo counseling which would help to show her why she would have to get the pregnancy terminated. Rubella has also been known to cause other negative effects such as recurrent abortions which make it hard for the woman to maintain her pregnancy.

With the rubella infections, a woman vaccinated against it might experience or develop some mild rashes on their skin. This however would vary from one woman to another since no two women are the same and different bodies react differently to the drug. Different women would also experience different effects to a rubella infection since some might already be immune to the infection. It is however required that any woman under goes the rubella blood test known as rubella titre. In the case that the test shows a negative result, this would mean that the woman is not immune to rubella and would therefore get the vaccine.