Why Sciatic Pain Occurs During Pregnancy

Sciatic pain is pain that affects the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is located in the lower back. This nerve goes down the back of the legs and down to the feet. It is the nerve that is responsible for the sensations that you feel at theses parts of your body. Sciatic pain does not only affect pregnant women. It can also affect other people as well. This pain is however more prone to affect pregnant women and it is also more pronounced during pregnancy. The main reason why sciatic pain occurs during pregnancy is because of all the changes that the body of a pregnant goes through as the baby grows inside her womb.

When a woman gets pregnant, her posture will be affected because of her growing tummy. A pregnant woman will not be able to walk the same way that she used to walk before she became pregnant. This will definitely exert a lot of pressure on the lower back, the legs and the feet of the woman. The sciatic nerve causes someone to feel pain when there is pressure being exerted on it. As the baby grows, the uterus will expand to accommodate the growing baby. The sciatic nerve passes under the uterus and the pressure of the growing uterus will affect it. This is what in most cases causes pregnant women to experience sciatic pain.

A woman who is pregnant will be tired all the time. She will also increase in weight. This will put a lot of pressure on her back, her legs and her feet. This pressure will be exerted on the sciatic nerve and thus cause pain on the nerve. Pregnant women should always seek medical intervention when they suspect that they have a sciatic nerve problem so that they can be helped and carry on with their pregnancies.

There are a lot of ways that sciatic nerve pain can be relieved during pregnancy. Pregnant women will be advised to sit and lie in positions that do not put pressure on the sciatic nerve. They will also be taken through therapies and exercises that are meant to help them have an easy time during pregnancy. The pregnant women will also be advised to use hot pads or ice packs to relieve the pain when it comes unbearable. Drugs are always the last resort but there are safe drugs that pregnant women can be given to help them with sciatic nerve pain.