Why Rashes Occur During Pregnancy

Rashes are very common during pregnancy. A good number of women develop rashes on their faces and the rest of their bodies when they get pregnant. There are many different types of rashes. There are those that are itchy and irritating and there are those that do not have any effects on the face. Pregnancy rashes are not harmful to either the mother or the baby. There is nothing that a woman can do when these rashes occur. The only thing that she can do is wait for the rashes to clear once she gives birth and her body is back to normal. There are very many reasons why rashes occur during pregnancy.

One of the main reasons why women develop rashes on their faces is due to the changes that take place inside the body. There are a lot of chemical processes and hormonal changes that take place inside the body of a woman when she gets pregnant. These changes and hormonal reactions are thought to be the main cause of the rashes that occur on the bodies and faces of women when they are pregnant. The hormones that are produced when one is pregnant mostly affect the skin cells and the reactions that are caused by these hormones usually come out on the skin as rashes.

Another theory that has been created to explain why pregnant women get rashes on their bodies when pregnant is that fetal cells usually attack the skin of the mother during pregnancy. This theory has not been proven to be true but most experts think that it makes sense. When fetal cells attack the skin of the mother, they react and the result of the reaction is usually the rashes that occur on the skin of the mother. Some experts also say that the cause of the rashes on the skin of the mother is usually this is a genetic condition. If the side of the father of the baby has a history of rashes during pregnancy, there are chances that the mother of the baby will have rashes during pregnancy.

Mothers who get these rashes are encouraged to just let them be and not do anything about them. There are some solutions that mothers might turn to that can end up harming them and their pregnancies. If the rashes are very irritating and seem serious, pregnant women should seek medical intervention when trying to get rid of the rashes so that they can do it right and safely.