Why Progesterone Injections During Pregnancy Should Be Considered

Progesterone is a hormone that is very important for pregnant women. The hormone helps pregnant women to have healthy pregnancies and it also helps women during the process of giving birth. It is very important that women have their progesterone levels checked at all times so that they can be assured of the safety of their pregnancies. The reasons why progesterone injections during pregnancy should be considered are many. The main aim of these injections is to ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe at all times during the pregnancy.

Low levels of progesterone will cause the mother to have preterm labor and deliver her baby before the baby is fully developed. This is dangerous and can lead to the baby developing complications. When there is danger of a pregnant mother having preterm labor, a progesterone injection will help the situation. The injection will help the pregnancy to remain stable and give the mother time until the baby is fully developed before she can go in to labor. The progesterone hormone is the one that is responsible for ensuring that the uterus grows to accommodate the pregnancy. When progesterone levels are low, the mother might have a miscarriage because the uterus will not have enough space that the baby will occupy. At this point progesterone injections come in handy.

Progesterone is responsible for helping the lungs of the mother work harder to give oxygen to the baby. This hormone is also responsible for helping the breasts to grow and develop so that they can be able to provide milk for the baby once the baby is born. When progesterone levels are low, the breasts and lungs will not do what they are supposed to do. This will greatly affect the baby. This is why there is the option of the progesterone injections that are supposed to provide the mother with the hormone so that her body can function well and ensure that the baby gets what he needs.

Women who have a preterm birth are supposed to be given progesterone shots so that they can recover. A pregnancy should be given all the care it needs so that both the mother and the baby can be assured of safety. Before getting progesterone shots, you have to ensure that you are eligible for it. It is good to consult an experienced doctor so that he can recommend the injections and give them to you when necessary.