Why Pregnant Women Vomit During Pregnancy

A lot of changes take place inside the body when a woman gets pregnant. One of the main changes that take place has to do with appetite. Morning sickness is something that affects almost all women in early pregnancy. Vomiting is the biggest and most challenging part of morning sickness. Why pregnant women vomit during pregnancy is is a question that is asked by a lot of people. Women usually start to experience morning sickness in their 4th week of pregnancy. This usually goes on up to week 14 but there are times when morning sickness can last longer. Vomiting does not only occur in the morning like most people might think. A pregnant woman can experience morning sickness at any time of the day.

It has not been clearly known as to what exactly causes morning sickness. Some experts however say that women experience morning sickness because of the changes that take place inside their bodies when they get pregnant. The hormones that are being released inside the body cause a lot of changes to take place inside the body of a pregnant woman and the vomiting is attributed to these changes.

When a woman gets pregnant, she gets a higher sense of smell and taste. This is attributed to a rise in the levels of estrogen in the body. Some smells might irritate a woman and cause her to vomit. Some tastes can also be too bad for her to handle which will lead to a woman getting the feeling of throwing up. A weak stomach is also a reason for morning sickness. Women who have weak stomachs even when not pregnant have a higher chances of experiencing vomiting when they get pregnant as opposed to those women who have strong stomachs.

When one gets pregnant, a hormone known as the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone is released in the body. This is the hormone that is responsible for most of the changes that take place inside the body when one is pregnant. High levels of this hormone in the body are thought to make morning sickness worse by making pregnant women vomit all the time. Thyroid hormones are also thought to be the cause of vomiting in pregnant women. Research that has been carried out has shown that pregnant women who have very high levels of thyroid hormones vomit more. Women who have a low blood sugar level also have high chances of experiencing morning sickness.