Why is TSH Low in Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, thyroid hormones play an important part in supporting pregnancy and they do this by ensuring that all the right and natural changes take place during this phase to ensure that the baby’s development is going as it should. The major hormones are estrogen and HCG and are regulated by the thyroid gland. The TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone is important in regulating the levels which the thyroid produces during pregnancy and is therefore a hormone that is just as important during pregnancy.

The thyroid stimulating hormone is produced by the pituitary gland that is in the brain triggering the production of the pregnancy hormones by the thyroid gland. A disease or a condition that is present in the gland can lead to an increased production of the TSH hormone which in turn will also leave the thyroid gland either producing more or less amounts of the most important hormones during pregnancy. A reduction in the production of the hormones will usually lead to hypothyroidism which is a condition some women will experience during pregnancy.

This condition will indicate a low level of TSH and low levels of T4 hormone as well. The low levels can be as a result of an immune system disorder that hinders the proper production of the antibodies thus affecting the production of the thyroid hormones. This reduction in the production will cause a metabolism rate that is reduced and you will also find that most other bodily functions are slowed down by the insufficient levels of the hormones which are very important during pregnancy.

In a case where the white blood cells turn on to the thyroid gland attacking it can also prevent the proper release of the hormone thus leading to hypothyroidism. In case you had previous existing hypothyroidism conditions and they are yet to be completely cured, you will also find that you are more prone to experiencing low TSH in pregnancy. These are the main reasons as to why TSH is low in pregnancy.

The low levels of the important hormone can lead to various symptoms and they can in turn have adverse effects on the pregnancy hence the need to ensure that you are getting the assistance that you need during pregnancy to reduce the effects. The hormone levels need to be brought to the right levels considered safe during pregnancy to get rid of the symptoms and also ensure that every bit of the pregnancy development is going as it should.

The prenatal visits and checkups or tests should not be taken for granted since they can be helpful in identifying such issues in advance before any form or damage occurs. Your doctor will be in a better position to recommend the best method of treatment without necessarily putting the pregnancy at risk and hence you will eventually find it easier to handle the pregnancy with all the hypothyroidism symptoms suppressed. Early intervention is always the best way of dealing with matters arising during pregnancy.