Why is the First Trimester of Pregnancy so Important?

Pregnancy is a nine long journey that is usually divided into three equal phases each made up of three months. The categorization makes it easy to track the important baby developments and growth and make it even more possible for women to understand what to expect during pregnancy as well as what is normal and what is not during this important period. There is therefore the first, the second and the third trimester of pregnancy.

The first trimester is considered to be one the most important of the three. This is because what will happen during this trimester is what will determine the relevance of the rest of the developments that take place during the second and the third trimester. If there is a bad start with the developing of the baby during the first trimester, then the rest of the trimesters will only deepen the existing issues. For instance, it can be hard to rectify a deformity that starts from the time the baby is starting to form and hence the growth experienced in the next trimesters will only make the deformity even more pronounced.

It is during the first trimester that the egg will be fertilized after which it will have to move and attach to the uterine wall. If it fails to attach or implant at the right place, then the pregnancy becomes meaningless since there is no way the baby can survive outside the uterus and womb. This gives much importance to the first trimester. After implanting, the egg then divides into parts and this is how the placenta is formed, the umbilical cord and the baby. A failure in this process will definitely bring in a different story regarding the pregnancy.

Perhaps the most important thing about the first trimester is that it is when the most essential organs form. This includes the main organs of body functioning which is the brain and the spinal cord. A fail in the proper formation and development of the two can lead to permanent disability and damage. The hearts also forms during this trimester and actually starts beating hence the importance of the first trimester in the general development of the baby and the pregnancy in general.

During this trimester, the risks of miscarriages are quite high since the state is still delicate. The body is trying to adjust to all the changes that are taking place at the same time and therefore apart from being quite an important phase, it can be the most challenging and difficult for many women. There is therefore an importance of ensuring that you adhere to the pregnancy guidelines that you have been given by your doctor in terms of activities and also the food that you eat. The development of the baby will depend on what it is receiving from you and the best that you can do is give it a healthy start to keep most issues that arise during pregnancy and even after birth at bay.