Why Is Stress Bad During Pregnancy

Stress in a pregnant lady can be because of external factors like the loss of a loved one, loss of job etc. or it can be due to anxiety related to pregnancy. A mother to be might worry about the health and well being of the unborn baby and have many questions. These questions can be like whether or not she is eating enough, whether or not she is eating right. If the baby is growing normally or not. If she is gaining enough weight or not and many more such questions. It is therefore advisable for pregnant ladies to rest all their fears and ask whatever questions they have to their practitioner during their regular visits. These ladies can also choose to form groups with other pregnant ladies where such issues can be discussed and answers sough. When a pregnant lady comes to know that the physiological changes in her body and the other pregnancy related signs and symptoms as a result of the hormonal changes during pregnancy are normal and almost every pregnant lady goes through them, it is of some comfort to them.

Researching on the internet also helps get answers to such questions, there are a lot of pregnancy related site that give all the information one needs regarding different stages of ones pregnancy. There are also a lot of groups online of pregnant ladies. One can join these groups to discuss problems and fears associated with pregnancy. Why is stress bad during pregnancy? Well, stress increases the chances and risk of pre term labor. It can also be a reason for a lot of other problems for babies after their birth. Low birth weight and Preterm birth are two of the most common effects of stress during the gestational period. Studies have also been conducted on the reactions of the fetus to maternal stress. There are several biological changes occurring in the body during stress. These biological changes include increased chances of an intra uterine infection and elevated levels of the stress hormone. The fetus does its best to cope with these. However these are permanent changes with respect to dealing with a high stress environment. The child thus born is at greater risk for a lot of pathologies that are stress related. Besides this the preterm babies are prone to a lot of complications after their birth. These include developmental delays, chronic lung disease, learning disorders and infant mortality.