Why Is Rosemary Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

An expectant woman is advised to avoid using any product or items without first consulting the doctor. This is because during pregnancy, it would be better to avoid any complications since at this stage a product that you might have been using without any problems might bring about negative effects during pregnancy. Keeping this in mind, you would therefore be able to take all measures before using any of the oils and therefore ensure that both you and your unborn baby will continue the healthy way up until birth.

When dealing with oils, it is always important that you get to understand how they function and the effect they have. With oils, you can be sure that you will come across them in a variety of treatments such as aromatherapy and in a wide variety of products. However to be on the safe side, experts recommend that you do not use any of the oils during the first trimester of the pregnancy. This is because the essential oils are known to cause contractions of the uterus which are capable of affecting the development of your baby. Looking at the effects of such oils would be a good way of getting to answer a common question which is why rosemary oil is safe during pregnancy.

Use of oils after the first trimester of pregnancy would be the safer way to go since you would be able to ensure that the baby’s development would not be affected as it would be if you had used the oils on earlier stages. In order to get the answer to the question why is rosemary oil safe during pregnancy, you would first have to understand that as with any other safe essential oil, you would have to ensure that it is well diluted when using it externally since they are very powerful. With rosemary oil, you would be able to use it in soaps and lotions which are used in massage and in aromatherapy.

When using it directly on the skin, diluting it helps to make sure that it will not be absorbed into the body in high concentration since this might have a negative impact far from what you would have wanted to achieve. Safety with rosemary oil is brought about by other factors such as the fact that you would not be subject to skin reactions or toxicological effects. Since the oils might react differently from one person to another, getting a doctor’s advice is the right way to go.