Why Is Ibuprofen Not Safe During Pregnancy?

There are various drugs which are simply not appropriate during pregnancy. They can result to various complications during pregnancy. Such drugs alter the normal functioning of the body. The question why is ibuprofen not safe during pregnancy is very common due to the fact that ibuprofens are the most common painkillers. One or two pills in a while during pregnancy poses no risk to you and your child. However, caution should be taken so as to ensure that you and your child are safe at all times. If not monitored, such sedative drugs may even cause a miscarriage if carelessly consumed.

It is advisable to ensure that you inform a doctor each and every time you visit a hospital that you are expectant. This enables him to take necessary precautions so as to ensure that drugs administered are in accordance to your situation. During pregnancy, there are some common problems which arise due to the hormonal imbalance. This increases temptation of taking regular painkillers so as to relieve the body. If anything, all family members should be educated on the drugs that must not be administered to a pregnant woman. This is to ensure that all necessary precautionary measures are taken and hence reducing a miscarriage risk.

Ibuprofen is widely known for its risk to miscarriage especially in the first 20 weeks. It might also trigger your child to develop complication during the formation of crucial organs such as heart defects. Cleft palate, which is a condition of poorly developed abdominal walls, is another deficiency that might result if these drugs are consumed on early stages. With this, it is clearly established that excessive intake of these drugs interferes with the growth of the fetus.

The risk of consuming ibuprofen does not leave the mother till birth. This is because, if such drugs are consumed during the third trimester, they lowers the level of amniotic fluid. This fluid is very important as it acts as a shock absorber for the child and hence reduces mechanical damage effect to the child. It also acts as a lubricant during delivery. Due to this fact, this drug delays process of giving birth and hence increasing the labor pains. This only increases pain to the mother. It also increases the risk of child death during delivery.

It is wise to ensure that you always inform your doctor slight changes and the drugs that youve been using so as to ensure necessary precautions are taken. This plays an important role of ensuring that your baby is safe.

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge on why is ibuprofen not safe during pregnancy, its upon you to take the necessary precautions so as to maintain your health and that of your child.