Why Is Calcium And Phosphorus Important During Pregnancy?

Are there some foods that you do not like but are nutritious? Most ladies will answer yes. Ladies are the weaker sex and they and they are very choosy people. There are some foods that they do not like. Not because they taste horrible but because of their appearance or because of stereotypes. You will find the same ladies eating the very same foods they despised when they are pregnant. The baby that you carry creates cravings for certain things in you. Some research shows that there are some foods that a pregnant mother should avoid. If you come across such research, you need to ask your doctor for better understanding. This text will focus on the most common question.

Why is calcium and phosphorus important during pregnancy? Calcium and phosphorus are one of the nutrients that a mother needs to take when pregnant. One of the reasons is because she needs it to have strong bones. When you are pregnant, you become heavier that you usually are. You need strong bones to take care of your weight. This is also important because some bones like the backbone needs to be very strong because it is supposed to support your pregnancy.

Calcium and phosphorus are important because they are needed for the growth and development of your baby. The baby that you are going to give birth to needs to have bones of its own. When the mother does not take enough of these two nutrients, the baby will use the nutrients that the mother has for its development. That is when you will hear a mother complaining of muscle aches. Did you know that if your baby did not have enough calcium teething will delay? Foods that are rich in calcium include legumes, dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables.

Why is calcium and phosphorus important during pregnancy? These two nutrients have different functions but are related. Phosphorus is very important in maintaining strong bones and calcium helps in blood clotting. When you are pregnant, you will need to maintain healthy bones and the baby needs to have strong bones too. When you are giving birth, there is some blood that is produced and calcium will help in clotting. When you do not have enough calcium, you might die because of over bleeding. When you go for pre natal check ups, you will find out that if you do not have enough calcium and phosphorus, you will be advice to take certain foods.