Why Is BP Low In Pregnant Women

When a woman gets pregnant, a lot of things will happen to her body. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised to make regular visits to their doctors to always ensure that they are doing fine. Low blood pressure is one of the most common problems that women experience in pregnancy. Most doctors will not be alarmed when they find that your blood pressure is low during pregnancy. This is normal and is not of much concern since it is something that has to happen because of the pregnancy. Dizziness and fainting are brought about by low blood pressure. These are the problems that doctors worry about when they find out that a woman has low blood pressure.

The main reason why the blood pressure of a woman becomes low when she is pregnant is because blood increases during pregnancy. The blood pressure usually goes high during pregnancy so that it can support both the mother and the baby. Because of an increase in the volume of blood, the heart will have to work twice as hard to cater to the needs of the body. The growth of the uterus will also put immense pressure on blood vessels and this will cause a strain in the movement of blood throughout the body. This causes blood pressure to be low.

Women who are pregnant get thirsty all the time. This is because of all the activities that are taking place inside their bodies and also because their bodies have to work harder to provide for both them and their babies. Dehydration is also another cause for low blood pressure during pregnancy. Blood pressure can also change suddenly and cause a pregnant woman to feel dizzy and even faint. The blood pressure can change to become low when the woman stands up too fast. Women who sit in the same position or stand up for long periods will also reduce their blood pressure.

There are ways in which pregnant women can curb low blood pressure. Keeping themselves hydrated is one of the things that pregnant women can do to keep low blood pressure at bay. Changing sitting positions every one in a while and not standing up too fast will also help to keep the blood pressure at the normal level. Women should also avoid standing for long periods or lying on their backs when they are pregnant as this will also make the blood pressure to be low. Pregnant women should try their best to do light exercises as they will help in regulating blood flow and reducing chances of their blood pressure getting to the low.