Why Have Teenage Pregnancy Rates Increased?

Why have teenage pregnancy rates increased? This is a question that is on the mind of everyone nowadays. When you walk around both urban and rural areas, you will realize that there are a lot of teenage pregnancy cases. A lot of teenagers are having unprotected intercourse and getting pregnant. This makes them to have to drop out of school so that they can deal with their pregnancies. There are also some who decide to terminate the pregnancies. This usually gives them a lot of problems with their health. Some of these teenagers might end up dying as they try to terminate their pregnancies using means that are not recommended.

There are a number of reasons as to why teenage pregnancies have increased over the past few years. Teenagers are nowadays being exposed to intercourse at a very early age. Television and magazines portray a lot of images that make teenagers curious and try out intercourse. Advertisements these days are portrayed in such a way that they encourage sexual intercourse. This makes teenagers to view sexual intercourse as something wonderful and it makes them want to try it out. Some teenagers usually get married at young ages due to their cultural practices and start to bear children as soon as they get married.

Drugs and alcohol are very common among teenagers these days. When teenagers get together, they usually indulge in taking alcohol and drugs that make them unreasonable. This makes it very easy for them to be persuaded in to bed and to be taken advantage of by men. Some teenagers can be in relationships with older partners who will convince them to engage in intercourse even when they do not want. Peer pressure is also a cause of teenage pregnancy. When a girl knows that all of her friends have had intercourse, she will also want to have it so that she can have a sense of belonging with the friends.

Most young girls do not know anything about taking contraceptives when they get intimate with their partners. Their lack of knowledge will definitely lead them to getting pregnant when still young. Sexual abuse is on the rise and a lot of people take advantage on teenagers because of their innocence. During abuse, some teenagers may end up getting pregnant. Teenagers who are abused by their partners also have high chances of giving in to unprotected sexual intercourse which is also a cause of teenage pregnancies.