Why Does Pregnancy Make You so Tired?

Pregnancy presents various symptoms that can be very troublesome. One of this is tiredness, which is generally referred to as body fatigue. Different pregnant women experience tiredness at different stages of their pregnancy. While there are those that start feeling tired the moment they get pregnant, others experience the same during the second trimester. Still, some women experience tiredness during the third trimester or throughout their pregnancy term. Interestingly, there are some women who never feel tired throughout their pregnancy term.

Why am I so tired and pregnant? This is the question that most pregnant women ask when they find out that they can no longer undertake some of the activities they used to do with ease. You may feel tired to a point that you retire to bed earlier than usual. There are several reasons why you are most likely to feel tired when pregnant.

One of the possible reasons why you are feeling so tired is because of changes in hormonal levels. The culprit here is increased amount of progesterone hormone because of pregnancy. One of the side effects of increase in progesterone level is lack of adequate sleep at night, which eventually leaves you feeling tired during the day.

Your tiredness when pregnant can be caused by two pregnancy symptoms; nausea/vomiting and increased anxiety. Nausea/vomiting in particular can seriously cost you a lot of energy, leaving you so tired that you cannot perform any task. One major thing you need to avoid when pregnant that can make you tired is stress and depression. Not only will you lose sleep; depression can seriously affect your growing baby.

It is highly possible that your tiredness is due to lack of adequate amount of iron in your body system. Iron is one very important mineral especially when you are pregnant. Lack of or inadequate supply of the same does not only lead to tiredness; your growing baby is bound to have development problems.

Although why am I so tired and pregnant is not serious, its effect can make you feel very uncomfortable. For this reason, you may need to consult your doctor for possible remedies. There are also various measures you can take to help you cope. One of the measures you can take is to ensure that you get adequate sleep during the night. This may mean adjusting your schedule and in particular limiting your social commitment so as to have adequate rest. It is also helpful to stick to a healthy diet that provides your body with the necessary energy.