Why Doctors Recommend Pap During Pregnancy

Are you a woman who is planning to get pregnant soon? If yes, you need to learn a lot of things on pregnancy. Pregnancy is not what people take it to be. It is not about carrying a baby and delivering it. There are a lot of thins that the mothers have to go through before the baby is delivered. There are some signs and pains that are associated with every trimester of pregnancy. Get to know the tests that you are supposed to take, the signs of each trimester of pregnancy and finally the birth process. This is important so that you might also not end up asking why doctors recommend pap during pregnancy . It is a very important question and here are some reasons as to why.

As much as Pap smear screening is done to check if you have cervical cancer, it also checks for other sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know that is very dangerous for you to give birth when you have sexually transited diseases? When Pap smear is done when you are pregnant, it mostly is to check for the diseases. If you have any of the sexually transmitted diseases, the doctors will begin treating you immediately so as to prevent it from affecting your baby during birth.

The second reason as to why you need Pap smear done when you are pregnant is to avoid affecting you child. There are some sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea which cause blindness to the baby. We all know that the baby has to pass through the birth canal for it to be born. If you have any bacterial infection in the canal, the baby will get it. For gonorrhea, the baby might be born blind. Whenever you go for prenatal check up and then you are told that it is time for Pap smear, do not fell embarrassed because it is for you own good.

Why doctors recommend pap during pregnancy is becoming a common question. Pap is important because it helps to prevent you partner from re-infecting you. When the doctor realizes that you have any sexually transmitted disease, he/she will begin treatment immediately. Your partner will have to take some antibiotics too. If your doctor has no mentioned anything on papa smear, you can ask him/her. They might have forgotten or they might be preserving it for some other time. As a mother to be, make sure that you go to any extent that you can to make sure that you give birth to a healthy baby.