Why Do You Retain Water In Pregnancy?

Why do you retain water in pregnancy? If you ask any woman this question, there is a chance that she will not have the answer to it. There are very many reasons why a pregnant woman can retain water during pregnancy. This is because of all the changes that take place inside the body of a woman when she gets pregnant. Women should do research and be informed about all the things that they should expect during pregnancy so that they can be able to handle everything that happens to them when they are pregnant. Retention of water during pregnancy is known as edema. Water can be retained in the face, the hands, feet and lower legs.

In most cases the diet that women take and the conditions that they are exposed to cause them to retain water when they are pregnant. When a woman gets pregnant, more fluids form inside her body. During intense heat periods, the woman will be likely to retain a lot of fluid inside her body. Women who stand for a very long time will cause some processes in their bodies not to take place effectively thus leading to them having water retention issues. Those women who work too hard and get very tired when they are pregnant also have high chances of having water retention issues.

Potassium is very important in order for pregnant women to avoid retaining water. When a pregnant woman lacks potassium in her diet, she will be more susceptible to retaining water in her body. Too much sodium and caffeine intake will also lead to the body retaining too much water that it is supposed to get rid of. Edema is usually a condition that pregnant women cannot avoid. This is because with the pregnancy, the body will produce and retain a lot of fluids. The fluids may accumulate in places where they are not needed and thus cause swelling in these areas of the body.

There is nothing that women can do to completely get rid of water retention in their bodies. The women can however try to control situations that they and control such as standing for long hours or working too hard. They should also limit the intake of sodium and caffeine so as to retain less water in their bodies. Water retention is necessary in the body of a pregnant woman at one point. Women should therefore accept this and not try to work too hard to get rid of the situation.