Why Do Women Have Dry Skin When Pregnant?

During pregnancy, the body tends to undergo various changes such as physical changes and others such as hormonal changes. These changes are meant to ensure that the body will be able to be well prepared in order to cater for the new born baby. One of the changes brought about by the pregnancy hormones include skin changes where the skin might change in texture such as its elasticity. When it comes to dry skin during pregnancy , it has generally been thought to be caused by hormonal changes which bring about changes to the skin such as making it less oily and less elastic. Dry skin can also lead to other situations with your skin such as stretch marks which are common during pregnancy.

These are some of the reasons that would help you get answers to the question why dry skin when pregnant. You can however be able to minimize or reduce the look of the stretch marks by moisturizing your belly. It is however advised against using any kind of chemical treatments since such chemical based treatments can end up getting absorbed through the skin. Another way of answering the question why dry skin when pregnant is by considering the fact that the pregnant mother will be losing lots of bodily fluids to the baby. Dry skin during pregnancy is a common occurrence in most women and there is usually no need for alarm unless the dryness spreads to other parts of the body such as the legs and the arms.

In case the situation develops forming raised patches, this could be an indication of a different situation such as pruritic urticarial. At this point it would be better if you get the services of a medical practitioner who would help you deal with the situation. In order to answer the question why dry skin when pregnant, it would be essential to understand that dehydration can also be another reason for dry skin. At this point it would be better that you take all the measures that will ensure you will be well hydrated.

This is because dehydration can cause a variety of problems including premature labor during the third trimester. Ways of dealing with dry or stretched skin can involve the use of moisturizers which you can apply on your abdomen. Another way to deal with such a situation would be through using an anti-itch treatment which you can get from a doctor in order to ensure that it will not have any negative effect on you or on your baby.