Why Do My Ribs Hurt In Pregnancy?

It feels very good for a woman when she wants to have children and then after sex she conceives successfully. After conceiving, there are many symptoms that start happening in the bodies of women because they feel a lot of changes happening day after the other. The symptoms are different from one another and they range from very mild to other symptoms that you cannot bear with and you can even visit your doctor.

It is very important because women must be taken care of in a very serious way to avoid any complication that they can get when they are pregnant. Initially, the ribs do not hurt but they start hurting as the baby grows and it increases in size. The baby grows gradually and starts filling the abdomen slowly by slowly until finally the belly becomes swollen. The organs that are in the abdomen are pushed and they move upwards whereby they push the ribs and they start paining. The ribs get out of their initial position because they have been pushed upwards.

The pain varies with the size and number of babies that are carried in the abdomen of the mother. If it is multiples, they require a larger space than singles and thus they may expand the abdomen even further and consequently the ribs are pushed and they ache a lot. The pain can be mild whereby you do not feel much pressure and the pain is bearable. There are other cases whereby the pain can be very sharp and there is nothing that you can do in your house. The body size of a woman can also either make the pain more or less depending on the size of the rib cage. The bigger the rib cage is an advantage to the women because the abdominal cavity is big and it does not require expanding a lot. You should not ask; why do my ribs hurt in pregnancy?

The breasts are also among the causes of rib ache because they also exert pressure on the ribs because they grow and expand. They expand and increase in mass because they produce milk so that the baby can feed on it. The weight that they get makes them increase the pressure on the ribs and they cause the woman to feel pain in the ribs. You should always be conversant with causes of pain in the ribs and not ask why do my ribs hurt in pregnancy?