Why Do I Feel Ugly During Pregnancy?

Finding out that you are pregnant will most probably make you jump for joy especially if you have been longing to have a baby of your own. The many pregnancy symptoms might not even come as a shock for you since you have probably read all what to expect during pregnancy and you are ready to handle the issues that arise. What you might not known however is what the pregnancy might likely leave you feeling.

Most women tend to feel quite ugly during pregnancy and this is usually as a result of the physical changes that are taking place. Those who love looking sexy and hot will particularly have issues with their looks during pregnancy. One of the factors that you will find disturbing is the weight gain especially if you have been watching your weight all along managing to maintain a great curvaceous and sexy body. The fact is that you might not manage to fit into your sexy clothes anymore and hence you are likely to feel quite ugly.

The bulging tummy is another reason for you feeling this ugly and this is also especially for women who love looking good and feel that the tummy has left them looking shapeless and ugly for that matter. The bulge does not only affect your tummy area but also brings lots of changes around the waist area which is the main focus when looking for that curvaceous figure considered to be truly feminine. If you are dealing with acne during pregnancy when you are used to a flawless skin and face, then it is highly likely that you are feeling ugly.

What you can do

When that ugly feeling during pregnancy arises, it is always important to start learning on accepting the fact that you are pregnant and also embracing the changes that it is bringing you and knowing that it  is all for the baby’s well being. The more you focus on the baby’s well being during pregnancy and not your looks, the better you will manage to embrace the changes that are taking place physically without necessarily thinking that you are looking ugly.

It can also be helpful when you stop concentrating on what the pregnancy has wrecked for you in terms of beauty and instead look at the new positive things that it is bringing your way. For instance, enjoy the long and beautiful hair and nails that you are now spotting during pregnancy. How about that great looking cleavage that you now have and can chow off and also the glowing skin that leaves you looking even more beautiful? These are some of the things that you should be focusing more on to get over the ugly feeling that you are struggling with.

Understanding that there is no way the baby can fully develop without causing changes is the best way you can appreciate the changes however bad they feel. It is not advisable that you dwell too much on how bad you think you look during this status since it could also affect the way you look at the baby.