Why Diarrhea Is a Pregnancy Symptom?

Diarrhea can be frustrating especially because you will need to keep up with the frequent rushing to the bathroom for relief. It is a condition that can occur during pregnancy and even though it is not as common as a symptom such as constipation, it still cannot be ruled out since it can occur during this period of pregnancy.

Most pregnancy symptoms are as a result of the fluctuating hormonal levels within the body as the baby starts and continues developing. However, diarrhea is not as a result of the hormonal changes and more to do with the foods that you are eating during pregnancy some of which are indeed considered to be beneficial to the pregnancy. The extra waters or fluids that you are taking during this period also increase the chances of experiencing bouts of diarrhea.

Prenatal vitamins are beneficial during pregnancy and many women will use them for the general health of the pregnancy. However, they have been associated with diarrhea. This is another major reason as to why diarrhea is a pregnancy symptom. In such a case, you might find it helpful to change brands till you find the prenatal vitamins which agree with your body and pregnancy in general. Other factors that can easily lead to the condition during pregnancy include intestinal parasites, food poisoning and stomach flu.

Even though diarrhea is considered to be a pregnancy symptom but not as common, it is a serious condition that can lead to dehydration which in turn is very dangerous for the pregnancy especially because it triggers premature labor. This means therefore that you cannot take for granted a situation where you have diarrhea during pregnancy no matter how mild it appears to you. It is advisable to ensure that you get the necessary and immediate help so that you can deal with the situation as soon as it is possible.

What you can do

To keep the frustrating diarrhea at bay during your pregnancy, you can start by keeping away from foods which are known to cause it such as milk, spicy foods and dried fruits. Switch to other starchy foods such as cereals, crackers and potatoes. Lean meat, yogurt and vegetables can also be very helpful in this situation and should be considered.

Other foods that you should keep off during pregnancy to avoid the bouts of diarrhea include high sugar snacks and drinks since they only make the diarrhea last for longer. Fried and fatty foods should also be avoided since they only end up making the situation worse. You can seek advice on the best foods during pregnancy which will help in keeping the diarrhea at bay.

Always have your doctor recommend any medication in case there is a need to use medication to ease this symptom. It is good to remember that medications in pregnancy can be quite harmful hence you need to ensure that you keep off them unless it is something that the doctor has recommended.