Why Can’t Pregnant Women Fly On Airplanes

We certainly live in a fast world where pregnant women are at times forced to fly to attend both private and official functions. It is not appropriate to ask why cant pregnant women fly on airplanes. This is mainly because women who have no issues with their pregnancies can flay safely to their preferred destinations. Several factors do however determine a woman’s chances of flying.

One of these factors has to do with restrictions that different airlines impose on pregnant women who wish to travel. Such restrictions vary and take into account whether one intends to fly locally or to an international destination. Generally, most airlines do not allow pregnant women in their third trimester (late) to fly. Pregnant women also need to consider their comfort and the fact that flying presents the risk of premature labor before they make a decision to fly.

There are other factors that a pregnant woman who intends to fly should consider at a personal level before flying. While it is generally safe to fly during the first trimester (1-14 weeks), the fact that it is during this period that women experience most pregnancy symptoms such s morning sickness and vomiting may rule out flying. This is because flying simply increases occurrence of such symptoms.

Pregnant women who wish to fly on airplanes may do so when in their second trimester (14-27 weeks). Most pregnancy symptoms are gone by this time and chances of miscarriage are relatively very low. Furthermore, most women find themselves full of energy and can therefore cope with air travel very easily.

The third and last trimester (2736 weeks) s usually a delicate period and pregnant women should avoid flying on airplanes. Apart from discomfort that a pregnant woman may experience on a plane, chances of premature labor remain high. This is ideally the time that a pregnant woman needs to be close to her health care provider just in case an emergency crops up.

From the above scenarios, the question as to why cant pregnant women fly on airplanes is negated. Even so, pregnant women who fly need to prepare well before they fly. Consultation with their care givers is very necessary for evaluation and proper advice. Such women should also ensure that they have ample supply of water during their flight to avoid dehydration. They should pay attention to their clothing, which should ideally be loose and comfortable.