Why Aren’t I Getting Pregnant

There is no doubt that you get married for several reasons including to start your own family, sexual satisfaction and close companionship amongst other reasons. Starting your won family means getting pregnant and giving birth. Because you go into marriage expecting that you will get pregnant and give birth, you become devastated when you try but fail. You begin tom ask yourself why aren’t I getting pregnant?

Getting pregnant depends on a number of factors. One of the factors that determine your getting pregnant is your psychological health. You need to be emotionally prepared before you can get pregnant. This is so because the state of your brain determines when you ovulate and failure to ovulate simply means that you cannot get pregnant no matter how hard you try.

Closely related to psychological health is increased anxiety. Trying to get pregnant with a lot of anxiety can easily reduce you chances of getting pregnant. You need to appreciate the fact that pregnancy is a natural biological process and it may take some time before you finally get pregnant. You need to consider focusing your mind and energy in something else instead of getting pregnant to increase your chances of attaining pregnancy.

You may also not be getting pregnant because of you lifestyle. Such habits as smoking, drinking alcohol, using certain medications and illicit drugs including marijuana introduces into your body dangerous chemicals that can not only prevent pregnancy but also make you infertile. You seriously need to switch to a healthy lifestyle that also includes sticking to a healthy diet that enhances your fertility.

One of the main reasons why you may not be getting pregnant has to do with your past sex life. In particular, any infections you may have had in the past may have seriously affected your chances of getting pregnant. When left for long without proper treatment, sexually transmitted diseases amongst other infections may not only hinder your chances of getting pregnant but render you infertile as well.

One possible reason as to why aren’t I getting pregnant is exercising intensively. Although exercises are good for optimum health, intensive and extensive exercises negatively affects production of sex hormones, meaning that you may fail to get pregnant for a very long time. It is also possible that the problem may not be with you but with your spouse. Your spouses sperm count may be very low, which simply means that your chances of getting pregnant are greatly reduced. It may also be that your spouses sperm quality is poor, which also means that you cannot get pregnant.