Why are there Trimesters in Pregnancy?

To understand the pregnancy trimesters, you first need to understand that a pregnancy is a journey that takes 9 months to complete. The trimesters are divided into three equal parts therefore meaning that they each contain three months hence the tri in the name. They are reached mainly through the fetal developments which seem to be more relevant when categorized into the three trimesters as compared to categorizing in weeks.

The trimesters in pregnancy are also there as a way of breaking down the various symptoms that woman will experience during pregnancy as well as the risks that come with the pregnancy. For instance nausea and vomiting are symptoms most common within the first trimester and drastically improving in the second trimester and miscarriage risks are most high during the first and greatly reducing during the second and the third trimesters. The trimesters basically make it possible to track pregnancy and everything revolving around it.

The 1st trimester

It begins from week 0 to the 13th week and happens to be the most important in a baby’s development. This is because it is during this trimester that the egg is fertilized, it implants and the body structure and also organ systems of the baby develop. It is during this delicate formation that birth defects and miscarriages can occur hence the reason why it is considered to be a fragile stage of the pregnancy. The hormonal changes bring about numerous pregnancy symptoms and changes although the experience can be quite different from one woman to another.

The 2nd trimester

It will usually starts from the 14th week to the 26th week and is referred to as the Golden Period. This is because the most of the frustrating and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms experienced during the 1st trimester will tend to disappear during this phase making it possible for most women to start enjoying the pregnancy. The energy levels might also shoot up although there are still other symptoms that are common during this trimester including back pain and leg cramps as the baby continues to grow and exert more pressure. It is also the trimester where you begin feeling baby flutters and movements.

The 3rd trimester

It is indeed the final pregnancy stretch and you will be feeling a little more anxious and excited about the baby’s birth. Basically during this trimester, the baby is maturing completely in readiness for the delivery and you could still experience various symptoms since the baby is quite big and making huge movements as well. You will start looking out for the due date and any signs of labor now. The baby will naturally turn upside down ready to come out as the due date approaches.

The trimesters in pregnancy are of great relevance and they have helped many women understand pregnancy more. With the knowledge on the development expectations per trimesters, the doctors are also in a position to tell when something is not working or going as expected thus can put the right measures in place.