Why Are Pregnant Women So Mean

Why are pregnant women so mean? This is a question mostly asked by men. Women rarely ask this question because they seem to understand what their pregnant sisters go through when they get pregnant. What is meanness in the first place? Simply put, meanness is the other word for being selfish, at least for the purpose of answering the above question.

Although a very controversial question, the fact of the matter is that it is men who accuse their pregnant spouses of being mean. When you probe them further, you come to realize that their spouses only become mean the moment they get pregnant, meaning that their being mean is directly linked to pregnancy. It is therefore possible that their spouses are not actually mean.

The accusation by men that women become mean when they get pregnant may not be misplaced. Pregnancy brings a lot of emotional and physical changes to a woman’s body and coping with some of the change can be very troublesome. For instance, hormonal changes cause varied problems that makes a woman very uncomfortable. Hormonal changes can cause a woman to develop craving for certain foods, a craving that some men take as being mean.

Why are pregnant women so mean can also be because of high stress level or depression. A stressed or depressed woman will normally lose self-esteem and withdraw to herself. Her male spouse who does not understand her depressed situation will easily take her change of mood and association as an act of meanness, which is certainly not true in such a case.

Truth be told, there are women who are naturally born mean. Although they remain mean without pregnancy, they try as much as they can to conceal the same. With pregnancy however, the meanness becomes pronounced. It is such women who will place unreasonable demands on their spouses who are bound to be punished in case they fail to meet such demands. One of the punishments is usually being denied conjugal rights and in some cases total avoidance.

The above are just of the reasons as to why are pregnant women so mean. It must be noted that meanness is not a medical condition; it can either be a woman’s trait or an acquired instinct. Meanness not caused by hormonal changes is completely misplaced. Perhaps John Paul II put it better when he stated The great danger of family life, in the midst of any society whose idols are pleasure, comfort and independence, lies in the fact that people close their heart and become selfish. That is what meanness is.