Why Are Pregnant Women So Emotional

Apart from physical changes that a pregnant woman experiences, emotional or psychological changes also abound. Unlike other pregnancy symptoms however, emotional changes can be either positive or negative, depending on various factors. While some women remain calm and focused, others become worried and are easily irritated. There are women who literally become difficult to deal with once they get pregnant. Why are pregnant women so emotional? This can easily be answered by looking at the various causes of the same at different stages of pregnancy.

Although emotional changes begin to show during the first trimester of pregnancy, very few women realize that they are indeed going through some changes psychologically. Emotional changes at this stage are brought about by increased anxiety, worries and fears of losing pregnancy to miscarriage. While some women will want their spouses to be close by, others simply do not withstand the presence of their spouses. This is also the period when most women lose their appetite.

Emotional changes in the first trimester do give way to a totally different kind of changes that pregnant women experience in the second trimester. It is at this stage that most pregnant women begin to be self-conscious. In particular, they have a look at their appearance in relation to the amount of weight they may have gained. Women who realize that they have put on too much weight do withdraw and choose to be alone. Such women stand a high risk of becoming stressed coupled with low self-esteem. It is such women who become easily irritated.

The third trimester too has its own unique emotional changes. Anticipation of giving birth literally drives many women to develop fear of baby’s arrival. Worries about labor pains in particular enhance a woman’s fear. Although most women try to remain calm at this stage, some women driven by fear resort to putting up with their close relatives rather than with their spouses.

It is important to point out that the above are not the only factors that inform a pregnant woman’s emotions during pregnancy. The other reason as to why are pregnant women so emotional can also be because of the kind of dreams a pregnant woman experiences. Some of the most common dreams include those that relate to sex of the unborn baby and childbirth nightmares amongst others.

It is worth pointing out that pregnant women are not the only ones who experience emotional changes; their spouses too go through emotional changes and develop such feelings as being ignored by their spouses. Some male spouses also begin to question their own ability to be good fathers.