Why Are Pregnant Women Always Hungry?

The American Nutritional researchers suggest that pregnant women should intake almost 300 additional calories every day to feed energy in their new baby’s growth, but a lot of women feel the requirement to eat far more than the recommended amount of calories. Many experts advise in contradiction of limiting the calorie intake in pregnancy. They said consuming an extensive variety of nutritious foods, will help to enhance continuous hunger without leading to the extreme body weight addition.


The bodily anxieties of pregnancy and hormonal effects play a role in fueling hunger during pregnancy. Specialists suggest that pregnant women may usually feel more hunger pains because of the reduced effects of lepton, which is a hunger regulatory hormone controlled by human brain receptors in pregnancy. The size, weight and volume of females also increase during pregnancy and most of them feel inflamed ankles and feet or toes. It orders to cut bodily activities throughout the pregnancy. Several women do overeating for favorite foods which make them feel it has lessened their distress and dullness.


It must come in your mind that why are pregnant women always hungry??? If you feel yourself suffering from hunger again and again shortly then you should stop consuming liquids with your meals or afterwards. Though females requirement is to take a lot of water during pregnancy but it should also keep in mind that it can keep you well hydrated if you exceed the intake of liquids at other times of the day, without satisfying yourself during meal or tuck intervals. Escaping from liquids in the course of meals can also help you to avoid a public complaint of various pregnant women i.e. upsetting of the stomach.


It is a misunderstanding of many pregnant females that pregnancy gives them liberty to eat their favorite foods in unlimited amount without restriction and caution. You may take small slices of your preferred foods as a part of a healthy pregnancy diet but on the other hand, extreme tolerance can tip to intestinal harms and dangerous weight addition. Highly treated diets and sugar products are often digested hurriedly which may leave the pregnant mother unstable and starving.


After collecting answers to why are pregnant women always hungry??? Now its time to know that how You can control pregnancy hunger pains and overeating disorders with nutritional rich and low calorie foods like:

  • Lean meats
  • Cereals
  • Grains
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Yogurt

Eat at meal times and take refreshment breaks at consistent times during the whole day to avoid becoming excessively hungry.