Why Are My Breasts Tender When I Am Not Pregnant?

Breast tenderness has always been believed to be a sign of pregnancy . There are however times when sore breasts can mean something else. When a woman experiences sore breasts, she will be at a loss on what the problem really is. The woman will start to wonder if there is something wrong with her breasts all the time. What these women should know is that breast tenderness can be caused by things that are normal to the body of a woman and most of the time, there is no cause for concern. It is good for a woman to go to the hospital and have a check up so that she can be sure what is going on inside her body.

Growth is one of the causes of breast tenderness. When the breasts are growing, a woman will notice that her breasts will be sore and tender all the time. A growth spur is one of the causes of breast tenderness. This is because the breast tissues and muscles will be expanding so as to accommodate the new growth. Women should not be alarmed when they find out that their breasts start to grow really fast at some point. This is usually because of a surge in the growth hormones and it is nothing to worry about.

Estrogen and progesterone are hormones that are produced inside the body of a female at certain times. These hormones are responsible for all the changes that take place inside the body of a woman. When there is an imbalance in the hormones, a lot of things will happen in the body of a woman. One of the signs of hormone imbalance in the body is breast tenderness. Breasts become really tender when the hormones that are supposed to make breasts grow and produce milk are produced in plenty even when the woman is actually not pregnant.

Ovulation and an oncoming period are also causes of breast tenderness. The process of ovulation usually causes the body processes to change just like an oncoming period does. These are other causes of breast tenderness that cannot be ignored by women. Emotional stress has a lot of effects to the body of a pregnant woman. It is therefore good for women to avoid stress so that their bodies can be normal and so that they do not experience breast tenderness at times when this should not happen. It is good for women to go for check ups so that they can be sure that their bodies are doing okay.