Why Am I So Sleepy While Pregnant?

Planning and eventually getting pregnant certainly brings you a lot of joy. Alongside the joy are also varied problems in form of pregnancy symptoms that you have to cope up with. Apart from such symptoms as morning sickness, feeling of nausea, developing allergy to certain foods and increase in body weight, the other symptom you are most likely to experience especially during the second trimester is sleepiness. You are bound to feel sleepy most of the time, even during the day when you schedule to complete a task. This leaves you wondering why am I so sleepy while pregnant.

One of the main reasons why you feel so sleepy while pregnant is the fact that your body goes through a tremendous change. You are bound to have irregular sleeping pattern, which leads to accumulation of sleep. Your diet is also bound to change as you develop allergy to certain foods. A change in your regular diet also has a negative effect on your sleeping pattern, forcing you to feel sleepy most of the time.

A change in the level of your hormones may also be the reason why you feel so sleepy while pregnant. Adverse change in the levels of your hormones also causes other pregnancy symptoms that can be very disturbing. Such include hot or cold flushes.

You may probably be feeling sleepy because of body fatigue that is in most cases brought about by weight gain, excess weight that exerts pressure on bones and muscles. It is also important to point out that pregnancy also increases intensity of diseases or health conditions you may be suffering from. Such conditions as diabetes and anemia literally become pronounced when you get pregnant, making you feel fatigued and sleepy.

Your sleepiness may also be because of increased anxiety that you develop once you get pregnant. This is particularly true if it is your first pregnancy. Increased anxiety leads to self-consciousness coupled with high expectations. All these interfere with your regular sleep pattern, which in effect makes you feel sleepy most of the time.

The fact that sleepiness is normal should not negate the need to seek medical attention. Intense sleepiness even during the day calls for the need to consult your health care provider instead of asking yourself why am I so sleepy while pregnant. It is through consultation that any medical problem that makes you feel sleepy can be detected.