Why Am I Craving Pickles While Pregnant

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is dislike of certain foods. Tasting or smelling such foods when being cooked simply drives you crazy to a point that you feel nauseated and probably vomit. Just at the same time that you dislike certain foods, you develop a liking for others and actually develop a craving for them. One of the foods that you are most likely to develop a craving for is pickles. You can develop an intense craving for pickles to a point that you wonder why am I craving pickles while pregnant.

Scientifically, there is no link between craving for pickles or any other food and deficiency of nutrients contained in the same. This simply means that there are other reasons for your craving. One possible reason why you are raving for pickles while pregnant has to do with increase in your hormone levels. The other possible reason is craving for sodium that is available in pickles in large amounts. You may also be craving pickles simply because of your preference.
Although your craving pickles can be intense, it is important to know the nutrition component of the same. In reality, you do not gain anything meaningful by eating pickles. Pickles only provide your body with about 4 calories per serving. It is very low in protein, fiber and carbohydrates. However, pickles are very high on sodium but contain very limited amounts of potassium and calcium. Although it is recommended that you consume about 1,500 mg of sodium daily, you need to increase the amount to not more than 2,300 mg daily while pregnant.

Apart from adding anything useful to your body, craving and eating a lot of pickles in a day can be counter-productive. This is because you are most likely to consume excess sodium, which brings about such health problems as swelling on certain parts of your body including your legs.

While it is perfectly normal to crave pickles and other foods, you seriously need to ask yourself why am I craving pickles while pregnant in case your craving is intense. For the benefit of your babys proper growth and your own health, it is always recommended that you consult your health care provider for professional advice on how to handle your craving. Note that your craving pickles or any other food should not compromise on the quality of your diet when you are pregnant.