Why Alcohol Is Bad For Pregnant Women

It has always been known that alcohol is bad for pregnant women. It is not just a myth, it has many effects on the health of the mother as well as baby. Pregnancy is a critical time for both the mother and the baby growing inside. And the lady must be very careful about what she takes inside her as it is definitely going to affect the baby.

You may think Why Alcohol Is Bad For Pregnant Women? Firstly, it has the negative effects on the non pregnant ladies and gents. The effects on the liver is not a secret.

Drinking generally increases the risk of miscarriages and still births especially if there has been a previous history. Having a low birth weight baby and preterm birth, the chances are increased. Cognitive impairment is also a bothersome issue.

The chances of having neural tube defects are increased in a baby having the mother as a drinker. He is likely to have abnormal facial feature. There are many other anatomical defects that can occur. All the systems of the brain, central and peripheral nervous system, alimentary system all can be affected. There are also the chances for the child to have hearing and vision defects. All of these problems are collectively called as Fetal Alcoholic Distress Syndrome.

So, the general concept that the small amount of drinking is not that bad, is not true, even in moderate amounts the woman and the baby both can have harmful effects.

We can also never forget the impact it had on nutrition. As it causes the deficiency of vitamins. These results in the development of werinekes encephalopathy. These chances are still also increased in the case of a pregnant woman, so she has to be very careful as this is not just the case of her own health but the baby as well.

The impact on the IQ is not very evident immediately after birth, so many people do not consider it as a danger, it would only come in the later years and at that time, people would not know that it has occurred because of the drinking that she did during the pregnancy.

If anyone wants to protect her own health as well as the baby, she must avoid taking alcohol some time even before conception and totally avoid it during pregnancy and even in the times of lactation.