What is the Difference Between PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms?

What is the difference between PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms? Why are PMS and pregnancy symptoms so similar? This is a question that a lot of women who have been confused by these symptoms before ask their doctors. A woman who is pregnant but is hoping she is not might be encouraged by the symptoms that she is experiencing because she will imagine that it is her period coming and she will not have time to prepare for a pregnancy until she realizes that she is actually pregnant. On the other side, a woman who really wants to be pregnant might think that it is her period coming through the symptoms that she is experiencing and fail to prepare for her coming baby.

There have been a lot of cases where women confuse pregnancy symptoms with those of a coming period because the symptoms are the same. The reason as to why PMS and pregnancy symptoms are similar is because the same processes that take place inside the body when one is expecting her period are the same processes that take place when one gets pregnant. The same system is affected when one is pregnant and when one is on her periods. This is why the symptoms of early pregnancy are the same as the symptoms of an oncoming period.

Before a period and before one gets pregnant, the body releases estrogen and progesterone. These are hormones that are supposed to prepare the body for the pregnancy. In case the egg is not fertilized and one does not get pregnant, the hormones will not just disappear from the body. They will disappear gradually but this does not mean that the effects of these hormones ill not be felt by the body. This is the reason why women experience the same symptoms when they are pregnant and when they are on their periods. It is a way of the body reacting to the presence of the hormones in the body.

Pregnancy and periods are not conditions that the body will face all the time. A pregnancy and a period are things that occur in the body at particular times and due to particular conditions. This means that the body will have to change when these conditions occur. Both conditions affect the same areas of the body. This makes them have the same implications on the body and thus the same symptoms are felt by the women. This is why PMS symptoms and the symptoms that pregnant women experience are the same.