What Can Cause a False Positive Pregnancy Test

Though this occurs very rarely, there are times when a pregnancy test might come out positive when one is actually not pregnant. A false positive pregnancy test can be caused by a good number of factors. Pregnancy tests are designed in a way so that they can detect the presence of the hormone HCG in the body. This is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone which is usually produced by the body when one is pregnant. There are some factors that can cause the hormone to be present in the body even when there is no pregnancy.

The most common cause for a false positive pregnancy test is not reading the test correctly and not following the instructions that come with the test. There are specific instructions that someone is supposed to follow when taking a pregnancy test. If the instructions are not followed to the letter and someone does something wrong when taking the test, there are chances that the test will read positive when she is actually not pregnant. Someone who does not know how to read pregnancy test results might also misinterpret them to be positive when they are actually negative. Buying pregnancy tests from pharmacies that are not reputable may contribute to wrong results. A pregnancy test which is past its expiry date has high chances of giving wrong results.

There are other conditions that might cause for the HCG hormone to be present in the body and give false positive pregnancy results. When someone who has recently had a miscarriage takes a pregnancy test, there are high chances that the test will be positive because the HCG hormone will be detected. It takes some time for the hormone to clear from the body. A woman who has a chemical, ectopic or molar pregnancy also has high chances of getting a positive pregnancy. Though these are not actual pregnancies, they lead to the production of HCG in the body which is detected by pregnancy tests.

There are some women who take medications that are supposed to help them with their fertility issues. These medications usually have the HCG hormone and when these women take pregnancy tests, the tests have very high chances of reading positive because of the presence of the pregnancy hormone. There are also some medical conditions such as tumors in the uterus or ovaries that can lead to the production of the HCG hormone and thus lead to a pregnancy test reading positive even when it is not.