What are the risks for pregnancy after 35?

It is preferable for women to get pregnant earlier to avoid pregnancy complications. One of the reason that has been given for a woman to give birth at a younger age before reaching the 35 year includes making sure that the baby will be born healthy. After this age, a woman’s body starts losing strength and she gets complications that can be a threat to the pregnancy.

However, this does not mean that a woman who gets pregnant after age 35 will not be able to get a healthy pregnancy. After the age of 35 many women have been able to get pregnant and go on to give birth to healthy babies. Getting pregnant before reaching the age of 35 is simply a healthier and a better way because you will be assured that the health of your baby and that of your pregnancy is good. It requires you to be healthy during the pregnancy period. A good way to look at the benefits of getting pregnant before age 35 would also be a good way of answering the question why is 35 risky for pregnancy?

One of the reasons why women are advised to get pregnant before the age of 35 is usually brought about by the fact that at that age, she might be more at risk of getting various conditions which would pose a negative health risk to both her baby and herself. This includes the condition which is common to women who get pregnant when they are older. One of these conditions is the preeclampsia which is a disorder that causes high blood pressure. During pregnancy, conditions such as high blood pressure can be risky to the unborn child since the baby would also suffer from such a situation as they are connected to the mother’s system.

The condition is also known to cause protein in the urine. Such a situation helps to answer the question why is 35 risky for pregnancy.Gestational diabetes is another condition which is known to affect pregnant women who get pregnant at their later years. A good way to prevent such conditions requires seeking the doctor’s advice and services. You can then be sure that you would be able to go on with your pregnancy having taken all the safety and health measures. Optional prenatal tests are also highly recommended for a woman who wants to get pregnant and is above the age of 35 years.