Why Do Tourists Visit Mexico?

It has always been perceived that Mexico is not as safe place tour. But that is not the case anymore, as several tourists visiting the area have proved it.

Mexico is a country in Latin America with a thriving history and culture. It also has a wide variety of opportunities to explore. It is ranging from historical landmarks, resorts along the coast, for example, in the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are several reasons why tourists visit Mexico.

What really makes tourists visit Mexico?

  • Weather

Weather in Mexico is almost perfect all year round. Towards the end of the rains and the beginning of fall, the temperatures are said to be calm, and vegetation is greener and very vibrant.

Take an example, the southern regions of Mexico, the temperatures are known to remain amid 24-28 degrees Celsius year-round. They are hence making it possible for tourists to go hiking and visit the ancient Mayan ruins.

Just above the tropical of cancer, in the Northern Region, around winter, the temperatures are cooler. Therefore, the temperatures are warm, and mostly they rest about 20-24 degrees Celsius.

  • Affordability

Mexico is the cheapest place you can go to and spend your vacation. Travel agencies in this area, do offer travel packages, hence making the trip less expensive for you. Again, these flights are cheaper, especially when no major holidays are coming by because flight demands are less.

Additionally, most attraction sites in Mexico have a free entry, hence making it better for tourists on budget.

  • Vacation packages

Travel companies do offer very different travel and vacation packages for you to visit and tour Mexico. You will be provided with itineraries and themes that will match all your needs. You will have different options to book from, such as a trip for two in Cancun beach, adventurous fiving trio in Cozumel, and a vacation, historical tour in Mexico City.

The vacation packages are pocket-friendly for you, and they do fit all your desires. Also, countries offer something that appeals to everyone.

  • Cuisine

The uniqueness that comes with Mexico’s cooking is that every region has its taste. Most of their dishes include various combinations, such as Mayan dishes and ancient Aztec, as well as the influence of Spanish conquistadors. Mexico has a variety of dishes that are only found in Mexico, but still, they serve international dishes such as quesadillas, tacos, and tamales.

Northern Mexico, for example, has excellent varieties of goat, beef as well as ostrich dishes. It is in Calexico, where you will find a combination of all recipes from other Mexico regions. Here, they offer barbacoa, tamales, and myriad carnitas.

Southeastern Mexico also does offer excellent cuisine. They are great users of spices with small Caribbean influence. In this region too, fish is found large numbers, especially in areas close to the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Also, chocolate is created in this great country. Taking you back to 1100 BC, the Aztecs used cocoa in their drinks. Up to date even, some vendors still give authentic Aztec chocolate.

  • Communication

Most Mexicans communicate in Spanish, but few can speak in English. Therefore this makes it easy for tourists from countries like Canada and the United States because they can communicate with the locals and even ask for directions. Also, the tourists can talk and make jokes with children and even bargain with the vendors when buying stuff.

The Mexicans are very friendly, and they know that tourists help boost their economy as a country. Therefore they try to make tourist fees as comfortable as possible

  • Holidays

The most considerable cultural experience and the most memorable holidays in Mexico are two days before Halloween and Da de Los Muertos- Day of the Dead. The Day of the Dead links with the Catholic All Saints Day holiday that is on November 1st and on November 2nd, All Souls Day. Therefore if you can afford to travel on major holidays, then you are in for mad fun.

These days are set to recognize the deceased.

The All Saints Day celebrates the under 18 and unmarried. On the other hand, All Souls Day commemorates the over 18 and the married who passed on. It is usually a time for incredible tradition, unique artwork, and bright colors.

  • Mexico is the place for unique animals

Mexico is a breathtaking biodiversity nation. As much as you cannot compare it to Costa Rica. Some animals you can only find in jungles, forests or the waters. Tourists visit Mexico with also the hope of spotting animals like cacomistle or get to see Mexican prairie dog. Therefore, these are some of the things that attract tourists.

What are some of the Mexican Beaches tourists like to visit?

Mexico is known for the best beach destination when on vacation. And it has been confirmed by the people who visited the place before — stretching from golden sands and lively surf of the pacific coast to the bright, warm, turquoise water of the Caribbean.

It is undeniable that Mexico is a country made of beautiful beaches and spectacular beach towns.

Here are some examples of the well-known and prominent beaches in Mexico you cannot miss out on when you land in that country.

  • Isla Holbox

It is very easy to access this beach. Because you can cross to it using a ferry. Isla Holbox is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, and it is right off the northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Also, you will find fewer tourists on this beach as compared to others meaning there is a lot of privacy.

Tourists love to visit Isla Holbox because of its calm atmosphere and the chance to chill on semi-deserted beaches. Again, cars are prohibited from entering the beach; therefore, most tourists move around by bikes or golf carts.

The island is huge. Most people look for accommodation close to the beach to enjoy the cold breeze from Holbox. Moreover, Holbox is the best place for whale shark tours and also for a luminescence night view. Once you get to Isla Holbox, you will never want to go back home.

  • Ixtapa

If you are trying to find a quiet laid beach to go on a vacation in the Pacific Ocean, Ixtapa got you covered. Also, the beach has a neighboring town known as Zihuatanejo. This scenic town has magnificent rugged cactus-covered landscapes, a quiet atmosphere, and a variety of beaches.

Here accommodation is available, with a great view of the ocean. On this beach, you will find breathtaking spots to watch the sunset, and each night at Ixtapa beach is very spectacular.

  • Tulum

Tulum beach is wonderful. Vision a beach lined up with palm trees, a long stretch of the white sand and very clear waters. For this beach, you are advised to tag along with your swimming suit and a towel. Inside the trees are hidden restaurants, bars, and very spectacular hotels. If you happen to drive south, you will come across the Sian Ka’an Reserve, which is also a protected area.

It is on this beach where you have a variety of places to stay and also very many recommendable restaurants — for instance, the Biwa Resort and also El Asador.

What historical sites tourists love to explore in Mexico?

Mexico is known to be rich in historical sites and culture, as well. Citizens in this country have tried to preserve the historical sites as well as traditions.

Here are examples of historical sites with preserved artifacts and ancient architecture.

  • Teotihuacan, Mexico

It has an ancient pyramid complex placed some distance from Mexico City. The Teotihuacan pyramid was built in pre-Columbian Americas. You will never get tired of visiting this city because of its history and beautiful view. The reason being you will always feel like you have stepped back a thousand years. On your way to the city, you will meet many vendors selling souvenirs at friendly prices.

  • Museums in Mexico City

Tourists love Mexico City because of the many museums. It is ranked as one of the countries with the highest number of museums. When you take a trip to Mexico, your first stop should be the museum in Chapultepec Park. It is an Anthropological site tracing the history of man from the development of Homo sapiens to Spanish Conquest.

  • Guachimontones Pyramids in Jalisco

Once in Mexico, try the ancient Guachimontones pyramids. According to history, these pyramids are the largest round globally. What makes the pyramids unique is that they are one of a kind. For you to reach the pyramids, you have to walk through a driveway full of trees. When you arrive on top of the hill, you will realize the monuments oversee the lake below and the town.

On your way back, you can stop at rustic pulqueria. While there, you will enjoy a mug of pulque. The pulque is usually from fermented sap, which is gotten from the agave plant. Do not miss this one out.

What makes Mexican culture to be undeniably fascinating?

In Mexico, there are traditions and cultures which are fascinating; an example would be Semana Santa. It is the Holy Week, and ideally, it commences on Palm Sunday and ends after Easter Sunday. It is one tradition that is valued in Mexico and is celebrated every year.

For the past few years, Mexico has also been a region with exciting cultural centers. There are different arts, such as folk art, which include metallurgy, embroidery, and pottery. These items are usually hand-stitched using methods that have been passed on from generation to generation hence preserving the ancient cultural ways.

Mexico is that country with innumerable sights and incredible cultural experiences. While affordable, the country has great offers that fit everyone’s budget.