Tips To Stick With Your Workout

The sad truth is that over 85% of people who embark on an exercise routine quit within the first 3 months. Nobody starts off with a routine with the idea in their head that they are going to quit, but one thing leads to another and we just get caught up.

Here are some tips to keep your workout motivation levels high so that you not only stick to the plan, but you stick to it for life.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your body. One of the biggest factors that cause us to give up is frustration. If we don’t start seeing the results that we think we should within the time we think we should see them, we start getting frustrated and give up. You need to drill the idea deep into your mind that slow and steady wins the race.

This leads me into my next point. Often, people will get the idea in their head that they are just going to start exercising and then proceed to go to the gym for 3 hours. This kind of behavior doesn’t last long, because it is currently too far out of our comfort zone. A better way is to ease yourself into a routine. Get yourself into the habit of taking baby steps and gradually increase the amount you do only after you are comfortable with where you are at. The No Nonsense Muscle Building program talks about this and they actually have you complete what is called the upside down training routine if you haven’t been going to the gym regularly as it builds you up and gets you ready for the actual workout.

To recap, the best way to stay motivated to workout and stick to your exercise goals is to understand that this is going to be a lifelong process and make the decision to just let your body adapt to the new workouts at its own pace. Also, start small and work your way up. This will get you into the habit of going to the gym every day and you won’t dread it. In fact, you will start to look forward to it.

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