Things to Do During Pregnancy to Have a Smart Baby

What does it take to ensure that you have an intelligent baby? There is little that can be “done” in this regard – that’s what most of us say. Contrary to popular belief, however, do let us tell you inherited genes are not the sole factor governing the degree of intelligence in babies. Yes, they are the most important factor to be considered. However, do know for a fact that your lifestyle choices during pregnancy do govern the baby’s intelligence to a certain degree as well. Here is a look at a few things that you can do in order to ensure that you have a smart baby.

Start Exercising

It’s good if you already are into fitness. If not, then make sure that you start taking fitness seriously when you are pregnant. Why? Quite simply because of the fact that staying fit and active during pregnancy will help you ensure that your baby has a smarter brain. Exercises are responsible for endorphin release. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals that have a major role to play in the development of the baby’s brain. Hormone cortisol remains another important component, contributing to the baby’s brain. Besides endorphins, your body also secretes this particular component while you are exercising. All these factors considered together, one can jolly well vouch for the fact that exercising during pregnancy helps the baby to have a smarter brain. And, how exactly can we forget about the acceleration of blood flow to the womb? It also helps in the development of a healthy baby!

Notably, if you hadn’t been exercising before pregnancy, make sure you’re sticking to lightweight exercises during pregnancy and slow walks. Sticking to an overall active lifestyle during pregnancy will actually help you have a smarter kid.


As incongruous as it may sound, do let us tell you that storytelling does remain an important part of the baby’s growing up. Experts opine that the baby starts developing a sense of language right from the time, it’s in the mother’s womb. By the time you hit trimester, your baby is actually capable of memorizing the sounds that he hears on a regular basis.

Eat Healthily

Taking fruits, vegetables on a regular basis during pregnancy actually helps in baby’s brain development. The fetal brain requires Omega-3 fatty acids on a regular basis for optimal development. Thanks to this particular need of the fetus, smarter moms are often found including leafy greens, fish, walnuts, flax seeds, mustard oil, seaweed and chia seeds in their diet. The iron found in the leafy vegetables like spinach actually facilitates the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain. Walnuts are regarded as essential for brain development both as far as the babies and adults are concerned.

Including eggs in your diet remains a simple yet effective way to pave the way for a baby with a smarter brain. Why? You may ask. Eggs are rich in choline, which remains an important part of the vitamin-B complex family. There are several studies (carried out from time to time) that have shown that babies with sufficient vitamin- B have experienced long-term benefits … especially when it came to memory.

Then there are almonds that are good sources of niacin, energy, and protein – all of which are actually considered effective for brain development.

Some sunshine is necessary!

Vitamin D is vital for the development of strong heart and bones as far as the baby is concerned. In fact, the lack of vitamin D in some moms has led to the birth of autistic children. So, every smart mom out there should unfailingly have the required level of vitamin D. Sunshine is – of course – a good source of vitamin D. If you lack this particular mineral, do make sure that you are actually consulting your doctor before taking supplements.

Start playing music

It is the same thing that talking does to your baby. Not many are aware but it is actually true that unborn babies love music. As the baby grows in the mother’s womb, he is actually capable of hearing and responding to sounds. It is true that the baby is not intelligent enough to figure out what is being sung to him but is jolly well capable of responding to the mere sounds heard by him. Ask your partner to keep his hands on your belly and feel the baby’s response to sounds. Music also helps in the release of happy chemicals just like exercise does. Serotonin, for example, helps the baby to be calm even amidst possible chaos. Once your baby is born, you can sing similar rhymes to make him sleep.

Make sure that you’re watching your thyroid levels

It is important to have your thyroid levels balanced during your pregnancy. It is essential for your body. While you will be advised to keep your thyroid levels in check, they should never be too low. Unstable thyroid levels can affect the baby’s growth in an adverse fashion. And, how exactly can you aim for just the right levels of thyroid in your body? Make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet containing a sufficient amounts of sodium. If you think that you are not getting sufficient amount of iodine in your diet, you can add iodized salt and yogurt in your diet.

Avoid everything that works as an impediment

It is as important to know what you shouldn’t be doing to have a smart baby as knowing what you should be doing for the same. If you are into smoking and drinking then it’s best to stop these habits right away! They might as well have an adverse effect on your baby’s health – actually it can be way worse than what you can even envisage. Drug, alcohol, and nicotine are factors that affect fetal brain development.

Please make sure you are taking into account the aforementioned factors in order to have a healthy and smart baby. The preparations for a healthy future for the child start right in your womb! Take these steps to ensure that you’re not getting wrong there.