The Reasons Why Second Pregnancy Shows Early

If you are in your second pregnancy, do not be surprised by emotional and physical changes that disagree with the first pregnancy experience. There are some small changes that will set a boundary from the first pregnancy. A mother may think that she already experienced her first pregnancy and therefore the difference is likely to be slight. To her surprise, she comes to realize later that her second pregnancy is pretty different from her first pregnancy scenario. The first thing she will notice is the early showing of the pregnancy. In normal circumstances the first pregnancy begins showing after around three months. On the other hand, the second pregnancy could begin to show as early as in the fifth week. This changes does not need to send the mother into panic, they are somewhat normal and have explanations. Here are some of the answers why second pregnancy shows early.

The main reason why second pregnancy shows early is the fact that the mother will carry the baby a bit lower compared to her first pregnancy. During the second pregnancy the belly bump tends to grow a bit larger from the chest towards the pelvis. Babies in the first pregnancy will leave their mothers stomach muscles somehow stretched. Unfortunately the stretch is unlikely to return to its normal state thus bound to stay there permanently. The second expected baby will stretch the abdominal muscle of the mother even further making it appear baggy. The situation is likely to be worse when the pregnant mother is expecting twins or multiples. Note that; a baby in an abnormal position inside the mothers stomach can also make the tummy appear larger. This is a normal health condition that can be rectified by a qualified physician. Therefore, it carries no impact or weight in relation to the question asked above.

The sagging or expansion of the tummy will impact other areas of the body system as well. For instance the mother is likely to go through a sudden weight gain during the early stages of her second pregnancy. This is necessitated by the fact that the abdominal muscle is extended so greatly during the second pregnancy. This facilitates absorption and storage of more body fat in the mothers body. As a result of this weight increment, the tummy will increase as well making the pregnancy to show early. However, not all mothers in their second pregnancy will experience weight gain. It all depends on various factors such as genetics and diet.