How Can Students Improve Their Working Memory?

Generally, we are in a century where access to studies is very easy and avoidable. However, many students are struggling to remember what they have learned during the exam. It is observed that several students are inhibited by the bounds of the working memory. As a matter of fact, the reasons why people are encountering working memory problems are different from each other, some are born with the problem of working memory, the environment can cause bad memory, while some have challenges of working memory as a result of peculiar sickness, afflictions, etc. This article is detailed on how can students improve their working memory, as well as memory exercises for students during or after school hours.

How can students improve their working memory?

Despite that many students have problems with working memory, yet, there are memory exercises for students that must be practiced by the students, their teachers and also their parents or guardians. Improve students working memory is not the only responsibilities of the students, but also their teachers and the parents.

The following are several memory exercises for students that help their brain to soundly remember things they have learned or heard either in a short or longer period.

Teacher information strategies

One of the responsibilities for the teachers to help the student improve their working memory is to be skillful informative. The teacher should adapt to using various senses to method information, this can actually help the students to improve their working memory and long-term memory. This is a memory exercises for students when their teacher itemizes their tasks or studies down so that the students can say or spell after the teacher and at the same time look at them. Using multisensory approaches can assist the students to keep whatever they have learned in mind long enough to use it.

Study with short breaks

Study with short breaks is one of the best memory exercises for students. This is a period of relaxation or walking around. You should make sure you short break while studying. Do not study endlessly for hours. Make sure you have breaks in between your studies. Having short breaks when you’re studying with not only keep your memory sound and healthy, but it will improve your studies memory for better result. Furthermore, it will also cause your brain to rest and assist it to buttress and strengthen what you are learning. By this, it will make it easy for you to comprehend more and remember better.

Explain to yourself

This is the memory exercises for students that show to them that they were both teachers and student. Enlighten what you study to yourself. Explain what you have learned to yourself. The more you involve yourself in this simple exercise, the more you understand and it helps you remember it effectively.

Holding Group Discussion

Having a discussion of certain topics or study with other students that are willing is a good memory exercises for students. Through group discussion, you will aware and a notice of peculiar and vitals points about the study. Holding such discussion will bump, enhance and improve your memory. Holding group discussion with your classmate is a kind of revision to some topic we have learned. This kind of memory exercises for students will not only help you but also enhance the memory of your classmate that involve in the group discussion.

Sleep well

Don’t over labor yourself. Make sure you sleep well. Good sleep is indispensable for good memory. It is revealed that lack of adequate sleep has negative effects on the functions of memory. Research has revealed that during sleep and rest period, human brain progress and unites information which it records during the day. Don’t neglect to sleep, majorly during exams time. It’s a factor that enhances memory exercises for students.

Review your studies before going to sleep

One of the factors that enhance memory improvement is for you to review your studies or topic before going to bed. It’s observed and agreed that information studied before going to sleep is better remembered. Moreover, any other activities that you did after studying and erstwhile to sleeping affect with an alliance of information in memory.

Teach What You Have Learned

Teach what you have learned is another memory exercises for students like you. When you engage yourself in teaching other students what you have learned, surely, it will assist you to remember and keep it in your memory for a long time. It is uncommon for a teacher to forget what he taught his students, so also it will be for you not to forget what you teach your classmates. It is a means of keeping your memory alive and sound for your studies.

Eating a good diet

Don’t be surprised that eating is part of the ingredients that make the brain perform positively or negatively. The performance of your brain can be traced to the food you eat. If your brain sounds good and healthy, kindly check your diets, and if it poor in performance, so also check your diet consumption. What you eat affects your brain performance in good or in bad. Is proof that bad diet leads to learning challenges and memory problems. It is advisable to include the nourishments diet into your daily consumptions. A diet like vegetables, nuts, fruits, and milk should be included in your food. Eating these and another related diet will not only keep your brain healthy but will also improve the working of your memory and nourish your happiness.

Embrace personal studies in a quiet place

Generally, it is noted that the majority of students that embrace personal studies in quiet place keep their memory sound and healthy. The beginning of memory exercises for students is to embrace personal studies. Learn to keep yourself indoor and read your books. It is an avenue to set yourself free from distractions, noises, and other things that can hinder you to concentrate on your studies. The more you embrace personal studies the more you are improving your working memory.


Students can only improve their working memory when they addicted to practicing memory exercises for students. The above stated are solutions to improve your working memory. Spend time every day to work on every principle that will help you improve your working memory. Keep yourself to them, and never allow distractions to derail you from these principles.

Absolutely, they can help to strengthen your memory, improve your working memory and at the same time cause you to achieve more success in your studies.