How To Stay Motivated In Tough Times?

Motivation during hard times is a general issue that needs the attention of everyone. We are in a world where a different thing happens to different people. It’s easy to become discouraged while others are encouraged during tough times, most especially if you aren’t spiritually and financially sound. Numerous challenges like illness, lack of a job, fear of the unknown, insecurity, marital issues, as well as everyday stress can lead to worry, unhappy, anxiety and hopelessness.

Honestly, life is not a bed of roses for anyone. Everybody young or adult, male or female, white or black, educated or non-educated share a balanced proportion of positive and negatives times, or good and tough times. Nobody without tough times!

Moreover, tough times make us braver, heroic and stronger. The more you are experiencing a tough time; the more you have access to be stronger and pleasanter. That’s the reason why you should equip yourself so that no matter how tough times get, you can stay motivated and sail through until you regain peace, joy, happiness and sound health back into your life.

How to stay motivated in a tough time?

Motivation during hard times is undeniable, profitable and achievable no matter how hard or tough your present situation may be. The following factors can anchor you to motivation during hard times you may be passing through:


One of the key factors to staying motivated during hard times is determined. It is widely said that motivation comes from determination. Be determine is a personal attitude towards achieving anything in life. Your determination is the engine that fuels anything you desire to do. To understand life, you should sense the sun from every angle. The more you determine the more you develop attitudes needed to overcome your tough time. Determination is your steering wheel during your tough time.

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and in what you do as a long way in making you stay motivated in a tough time. Anything you believe is achievable. If you believe that you can stay motivated during hard times, surely you will achieve it. Many things that happen to us in life are a result of what we believe good or bad, positive or negative. Don’t regret being who you are, rather believe in yourself that you can do it and succeed.

The key to success and motivation during hard times is to be yourself and believe in yourself and in anything you do. On the other hand, the key to failure is to try not to be yourself and not believe in yourself or in what you do. Keep on moving, keep on trying, keeps on focus, no matter how tough time your situation may be.

You are who you are, nothing can change who you are. Despite the tough time around or within you, it cannot change who you are. You are a unique being for a special purpose. Either you believe it or not, there is no one in this world who acts, talks or looks like you. You are yourself nobody can be like you. Stay motivated during hard times is what you can achieve, don’t be derail.

Feature healthy thoughts

Motivation during hard times can be achieved as long you are committed to the things that will make you motivated. Having healthy thoughts is a powerful tool that keeps you motivated in a tough time. It will make you feel good things about yourself. Instead, to see your future negatively, it will enhance your inner thoughts to see your future as bright as the sun of the day.

If you want to lives happiness life and being motivated, you need to develop happy thoughts. This can be achieved when feeding your thought with positive and possible words. Meanwhile, you may not be able to keep yourself from some negatives things that happen around you; yet, you can still keep yourself away from being a cage and afflicted in a hard time through positive inner attitude by only focus and meditating on good things, addicted to possible things. Never allow the situation to override your inner thoughts. You are the one that can control your inner thoughts; nobody can control it for you.

Surround Yourself with Caring People

The association you keep determined the motivation you received in a tough time. Socialize with optimistic, cheerful, hopeful, enthusiastic and positive people. Friends, family, and relatives can be among the factors that can make you stay motivated during hard times. Worry and self-pity are some of the effects that can bewail you during your tough time, yet you can get override them when you surround yourself with people that care.

Keep in touch and open your heart to people who care for you, who believe in you and who want to see you succeed. Let them know what you are passing through. Allow them to know about your tough times and allow them to share advice and thoughts.

Motivation is contagious, and you can be motivation during hard times when you interact with individuals, who are cheery, cheerful, joyous and upbeat, you will catch and hook to the feeling too.

Inspire yourself

There are numerous ways you can spend the time that can inspire, motivating and uplifting yourself up. You can motivation during hard times by inspiring or uplift yourself through listening to music that can inspire and motivate you. Watch comedies, and involve in hobbies are some of the easy ways to wipe away your sorrow. Some people are gifted to inspire others through cracking jokes, myths or fairy stories, etc.

It’s widely accepted that any time you occupy something funny, or in something positive, you create neuropeptides that echo feelings of excitement, joy happiness, contentment, and hope. When you do this, it will not only steer your inner wheel, but it will also make your energy will change as well.

Read inspirational stories and messages, listen to positive podcasts or watch the video about people who have experienced a tough time and they overcome. Mind you, there is no difference between them and you. They too have passed through such a situation. In as much as such people have survived tough times and have triumphed, and they became the episode of remembrance, surely you too can stay motivated during hard times and finally triumph and be an overcomer.


There is no person above a tough time; however, we are destiny to overcome any tough time that may happen to us at any time. Nevertheless, if you are affected or surrounded troubles or predicaments, even in your tough time, focus on the good things, power your mind with positive thoughts, and engage yourself with joyous people, and never allow yourself to be carried away from any negative advises or comments. Always have it in your mind that, you can sustain motivation during hard times, overcome your predicaments and triumph over any situation that may happen to you at any time at anywhere.