Serum TSH Determinations in Pregnancy How, When and Why?

An increase in the levels of thyroid stimulating hormone in the body leads to over production of thyroid hormones which are essential in supporting pregnancy. The thyroid gland is an important part of pregnancy and interference in the hormone production will definitely bring about issues which can negatively affect the pregnancy.

During pregnancy, some women will experience increased levels of the thyroid stimulating hormone as a result of an immune system disorder and this leads to over production of thyroid hormones as the thyroid is over stimulated as well. It is a situation that can take time to show visible symptoms and usually women would need to go through a serum TSH determination test which will monitor the levels of the TSH in relation to what is considered normal. This determination is made possible through use of serum which is then assessed for the high amounts of the hormone.

This determination is quite important since the medical experts will manage to come up with the best treatment options to ensure that the situation does not turn out to be dangerous and risky to the pregnancy. The monitoring can tell whether the overproduction of the hormone will improve or there is need to intervene before the negative effects are too much leading to serious situation regarding the pregnancy. Monthly monitoring especially for women who have Grave’s disease is important since it helps in keeping the situation at bay.

Importance of serum determination

The situations arising from the over stimulation of the thyroid as a result of increased TSH include eye problems such as puffiness, bulging and irritation. More serious conditions which could arise from the situation include heat failure, preeclampsia which is a sudden shoot in blood pressure especially in late pregnancy, miscarriages, premature births and low birth weight. This makes the serum determination very important during pregnancy since it can help in avoiding most of the situations and keep the mother and baby safe till the delivery date arrives.

The serum TSH determination during pregnancy can be done as soon as there are signs of the underlying hormone issues such as eye problems or when a woman’s blood pressure suddenly shoots at any given period. This shows just how important it is for women to know what signs and symptoms are normal at what stage of pregnancy and which ones are abnormal and need to be given deep assessment and attention.

Your doctor will know the best ways of handling the serum determination safely at any given stage and from the results also manage to determine the best treatment options to keep the situation at bay. The earlier the situation is determined, the better are the chances of proper treatment that could determine the success of the pregnancy. You can ask as many questions as possible during pregnancy to ensure that nothing harmful happens to you or the baby during this period of development. Tracking the pregnancy development is just as important since it can help identify harmful situations in advance.