Risks Of Caffeine During Pregnancy

Everyone likes a morning with cup of coffee. It shows that we cant start our day without a cup of coffee but don’t forget that caffeine is not good for health. According to research many people in America have become addicted. Caffeine is like a drug which affects the nervous system more. The People who are found addicted cant avoid coffee because they feel headache and other abnormalities. It is a kind of symbol that you have become addicted.

There is no doubt that caffeine during pregnancy is like slow poison for the fetus. Did you know may lead to increase chances of miscarriage. Why? As I have told you above that it works as poison for the fetus because it can restrict the blood flow of placenta. Most of the pregnant women avoid coffee during pregnancy but they often think that is it safe to drink decaf coffee? Decaf coffee is provides a small amount caffeine but it does’nt mean that it has no caffeine.

Pregnant women should avoid regular as well as decaffeinated coffee. It has so many side effects over the health of expecting women as well as fetus. It increases the heart rate as well as the blood pressure.

Since caffeinated drinks is a diuretic, extreme consumption of decafe can cause lack of fluids. It is considered that extreme consumption of this drink can increase the risk of losing the unborn child.
The fetus gets nutritional value as well as fresh air through the placenta. Studies have exposed that coffee can cross the placental hurdle. While grownups can process caffeinated drinks, the same cannot be said about the child or the fetus.

In fact, high levels of caffeinated drinks can slow down the kid’s development. Just like the normal coffee, extreme consumption of decaffeinated is also known to cause certain illnesses. Well, if you have become addicted to coffee then you must meet your doctor who can help you to get rid from it. According to research on caffeine during pregnancy is prohibited but it has been considered that you can take 2 cup of coffee in day. It will neither harm mother nor baby.

Effects of caffeine depend on health of women. As becoming mother, you need to avoid excessive consumption of coffee to feed your baby with healthy air and pure blood. We all know that excess of anything is bad, so restrict your mind to take caffeine during pregnancy but still if you are not able to do that then take 1 cup of coffee. I hope this article will help you to understand that decaffeination of coffee cant remove all amount of caffeine it can only reduce the amount of caffeine.

If you are having some problems due to avoidance of coffee then you must consult with your doctor. He/she can better guide you. If you are very weak then you should not take even a cup of coffee.