Reasons Why you Crave For Salt When Pregnant

During pregnancy, there are various things that go on in a womans body due to varied reasons. The first one which is obvious is the fact that the child is deriving nutrients from your body and resulting to an automatic deficiency of the body. Different books try to answer the question why I crave salt when am pregnant. However, it is important to understand the basis so that you can always be sure of what you are dealing with.

Apart from various common reasons, there are different myths that accompany the fact that one is craving for salt. Some say that when craving salt, you are then likely to get a boy. However, you should note that craving salt is normal due to the above reason which is the derivation of nutrients from the body.

Here are some facts why I crave salt when am pregnant. Generally, the body demands high intake of food nutrients so as to provide a child with sufficient nutrients needed for growth. Craving for some foods is very important in a pregnant woman as it explains what the body is lacking. However, it is always wise to ensure that you just have enough propotions so as to ensure that you do not suffer from other salt related disease such as goiter. The best option when you find yourself craving salt is to ensure that you take other salt supplements so as to reduce the dependency of salt craving. This can be achieved by ensuring that you contact both antenatal and postnatal pregnancy clinics. This allows your personal physician to take a close look at your body and ensure that all hormones are balanced.

Blood pressure is another danger which is closely related with the salt craving. Salt plays an important role in ensuring that your blood pressure is regulated. Abnormal blood pressure is very deadly to a pregnant woman and if not monitored early enough, it can even result to miscarriage in extreme cases.

When responding to salt crave, you should ensure that you obtain sea salt as it tends to contain more nutrients as compared to other types of salts. Calcium should also be supplemented as it is often mistaken for salt craving. A balanced diet for each and every meal also tends to solve craving issues.

So, now that you are equipped with the above knowledge, you should not get worried when you start craving salt especially when pregnant. You should understand that it is normal and nothing to raise an alarm. If anything, it enables you to learn what your body is lacking during that period.