Reasons Why Women Pee A Lot In Early Pregnancy?

There are symptoms that are associated with pregnancy. Almost every mother who is pregnant will realize that they have a craving for something and you will realize that they change in complexion. These are just some of the common signs of pregnancy. There are other signs that are special to individuals. If you find out that you do not have the symptoms or the signs that people, are talking about on the internet, do not be discouraged because you are unique in your own way. For mothers who are giving birth for second time or so, they usually do not have any problem without that. The problem is with first time mothers. They ask questions like why pee a lot in early pregnancy. The question might seem quite childish but there are some of its answers.

You pee a lot when you are pregnant because you are peeing for two. Seems like an outrageous answer but it is true. When you are pregnant, the child will be getting nutrients from you and will also be excreting through you. When you take a lot of fluids, the some of the fluid gets to the baby. After the fluids have been formed in urine, they will excrete through you. Do not at one time think that if you stop taking a lot of fluid it will reduce. No. fluids are important in your body.

Reason number two is because your kidneys are working more than before. Normally, the kidneys push fluids into the bladder when it is necessary but when you are pregnant, the kidneys will be pushing fluids into your bladders all the time. This is to ensure that you re free and comfortable all the time. There people think that if you reduce the intake of fluid peeing will reduce. Not really. You will be adding some complications to you.

The third reason is because the growing baby will be putting pressure on your bladder. Before the child drops down that is towards the end of pregnancy, you will get some relief. The baby is growing day by day and the bladder is still in the position. Do think of seeking medical attention because you are peeing a lot. You can have a talk with other mothers and you will realize that you are not the only who is peeing a lot. Why pee a lot in early pregnancy is a questions that should not cause you a lot of stress. Peeing a lot in pregnancy is normal.